What is the destination of Microsoft's anti-Gmail campaign "Scroogled"?

Microsoft has extensively conducted negative campaigns against Gmail nationwide, and eventually it has developed into a situation where TV commercials are appearing. It seems that this campaign is doing something reasonable, but the end of that campaign may not be that bright.

Do not Get Scroogled! - Scroogled

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Do not Get Scroogled by Gmail

More than 70% of consumers do not know that the mail provider is looking at the contents of the user's mail for advertising, but 88% of people know that this will be the case if you learn this fact . Google also uses the content of Gmail as an advertising strategy, "censors" each word individually on each sentence of the email individually, and raises advertising revenue by targeting advertisement. By the way, this censorship is exhaustive not only to send and receive Gmail users' mails but also to the contents of mails from non-Gmail users,Six class action lawsuits underway for federal and state violations of communication interception lawis.

In February 2013, Microsoft extensively started a negative campaign "Scroogled!" That strongly condemns Google's "censorship" act. Microsoft stated that "Microsoft's mailer, Outlook does not peek at the content of the email to sell advertisements like Gmail! Outlook will respect the privacy of the user!" While strengthening criticism against Gmail Recommended to switch to Outlook, dedicated siteScroogled.comWe will launch. According to Microsoft, this campaign is made for the purpose of supporting the voice of consumers who do not allow eavesdropping of e-mail by clarifying Google's way to censor personal mail. But somehow MicrosoftVoyeurism rampant with SkypeIt seems that I do not listen to consumers' voices.

This is Gmail negative can movie of the site.

"Before this campaign began, Microsoft's Bing in Microsoft's search engine share was more than 50 points away from Google, but over 53% of those who saw the campaign were Bing We are trying to pick up the first campaign for Microsoft, which is successful for Microsoft itself, because we are interested in Bing more than Google, "said Jonathan Simmons, a marketing research company executive, Ace Metrics.

According to a survey of Microsoft, since the establishment of Scroogled.com, the difference in favorability between Bing and Google has shrunk to 45%. After knowing the campaign, it is said that people who recommend Bing as opposed to 10% lowering people recommending Google as friends may have increased by 10%. A Microsoft spokesperson says, "This campaign has a big impact in that consumers have learned that there is a tremendous difference between what Google is saying and what Google is doing."

Did you feel the response in the campaign, Microsoft will appeal Google (Gmail) unjustness on television commercials. Microsoft has been Scroogled so far! The advertising expenditure spent on the campaign is said to exceed 10 million dollars (about 980 million yen)Honey relationship with NSA was revealedIt seems that you are cautious about campaigning on your side.

This is the TV commercial.

This time Scroogled! Mr. Mark Penn, former advisor to the Clinton family who recently joined Microsoft, was the director of the campaign. Mr. Pen asked Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer "I want you to provide an out-of-spec idea" and executed this negative campaign. "Scroogled! Campaign is a sort of social phenomenon," Mr. Penn cares.

But John Ale, Project Leader of Vanderbilt, Political Advertising Evaluation Company, said, "Mr. Penn is a pretty conceit. The support of Microsoft campaign is to support and support" freedom "in a healthy way It is as long as it is. " Also, Ace Metrics Jonathan Simmons said, 'Unlike the political world where negative campaigns are effective, negative ads to consumers are not as effective as they are.Scroogled! Microsoft will continue to do negative campaigns and expect that it will try to break away the supporters of Google and capture the non-partisan tribe in the future.

Professor Ravi Dahr of Yale Management University points out that this kind of negative campaign is not intended to drag both camps into "mud" unintentionally. "When politicians make a criticism battle against one another, either one will win, but in that case, in both cases, the ratings will be dropped in the medium to long term. You will understand it, "Mr. Dahl says.

Scroogled! How long is the campaign to be continued? In response to the question, Microsoft's spokesman replied, "As long as Google continues censorship with Gmail, the enlightenment movement will continue." Apparently despite concerns of the intellectuals, Microsoft is not going to quit the negative campaign for the time being. Is it Microsoft or Google to get through a negative campaign? Or are they just losing? It is noteworthy at the end of the line.

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