Discovery of benchmark test tampering program on most Android devices

ByKārlis Dambrāns

Samsung ElectronicsGALAXY Note 3To work "benchmark · booster" which illegally manipulates the result of test when launching famous benchmark softwareAwareness of being programmedI did it,AnandTechAs a result of investigating, cheat which optimized benchmark was found for most terminals equipped with Android, not only in GALAXY Note 3.

AnandTech | They're (Almost) All Dirty: The State of Cheating in Android Benchmarks

The table below shows whether the "benchmark / booster" worked when benchmarking an Android-equipped smartphone with the benchmark software "3DM" "AnTuTu" "AndEbench" "Basemark" "Geekbench" "GFXB 2.7" "Vellamo" In the graph showing whether or not, "Y" confirms the operation, "N" shows that it was not confirmed. "Asus Padfone InfinityThere are two, "HTC One"and"HTC One miniThere are four, "LG G2"Operation of the illegal operation program is confirmed with two benchmark software.

Among the terminals we tested were Samsung Electronics'GALAXY Note 3"GALAXY Note 10.1 (2014 Edition)", I gave a surprising result that the benchmark booster works with 6 out of 7 applications. Also, other terminals of Samsung Electronics "Samsung Galaxy S4"Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1"The operation of malicious program has been confirmed, and Samsung Electronics's benchmark test can understand a lot of power to do illegal operation.

The reason why the benchmark / booster was never confirmed on the tested terminal is that Motorola's "Moto RAZRi"Moto X"LG made by Google brand"Nexus 4"Asus's"Nexus 7", NVIDIA's"NVIDIA ShieldIt was supposed to be.

This bar chart shows benchmark softwareVellamoAs a result of testing the performance of the CPU using the above graph, the model in which the booster was confirmed in the above graph monopolizes the high rank.

Similarly, the results of testing the web browser are as follows. The CPU performance test and the top are almost unchanged, but you can see that Motorola Moto X is fighting hard without a booster.

Interestingly, even with ASUS, Padfone Infinity has a benchmark booster, but there are things that Nexus 7 can not confirm, or LG G2 made by LG, which was not in the Google brand Nexus 4. In other words, OEM and other OEM manufacturers can release benchmarks and boosters on their terminals, but they do not seem to be included in products offered to Google. It seems that Motorola products acquired by Google are similar as well. On the other hand, Samsung Electronics said that the benchmark booster was discovered in July 2013 at Galaxy S4, but it seems that it seems to emphasize increasingly fraudulent operation programs rather than self-restraint.

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