From missed empty boxes Great quality tool box & Amazon corrugated boxes Dom box, magazine hook, cat tower

What can we do when product design and package collaborate? Starting with the question of making use of mised boxes to make useful tool boxes, making Amazon boxes from Dom boxes, magazine hooks and cat towersMagocura magocraft. Since the way of making and drawings are also made public, it is possible to make tools that are short on your home immediately.

Missed tool box made from a donut box 【Magokura】 Cardboard interior life

Instead of a donut, small items can be put in the missed tool box looks like the following.

Misedo Tool Box is a three-tiered structure so that plenty of small items can be stored.

When stored it is an ordinary box.

View from the front.

You can see how to make a misted toolbox concretely from the following movies.

Mistor tool box to reuse mister donut boxes - YouTube

At first glance it looks like a box of Mr. Donuts, but it is actually a missed toolbox, but in fact it uses 3 boxes of the same box. So I will prepare three boxes for when I purchase 7 ~ 8 donuts.

First, create the upper row of the upper, middle and lower rows. Peel off the adhesive on the bottom.

Cut away 25 mm away from the end of the part glued in one place on the side.

Open the box and paste the pattern paper. It is a point to paste so that it can be peeled off later.

Cut by tear line.

Put a crease with a stencil or a ballpoint pen with no ink.

Use a punch to drill a hole.

When you divide the box into two as follows, the parts removal is over.

Firmly fold it ... ...

Bonded with woodworking bond.

Adhere the folded parts to the inside and bond the hand side as well.

This completes the upper pair of left and right pairs.

Next, create the middle row. Remove the adhesive on the bottom as before and cut 25 mm from the edge of the side adhesive.

Paste the same pattern as the upper row and cut the parts.

Fold creases firmly, bond the folds inside, and make a tray shape.

The left and right middle pair is completed.

The way to make slightly changes in the lower row. First, peel off the side margin carefully.

After sticking the paper pattern ......

Cut it and finish parts removal.

Firmly fold it ... ...

Fold back the reinforced part of the neck inside and adhere.

Bonding the sides and bottom as originally.

Completed the bottom row by gluing the folds inside.

Fully fold and fold the arm after completing the upper, middle and lower stages.

Attach the arm from the bottom using a total of 32 foot cracking pins.

Lower row, middle row, upper row ... .... Connecting ... ...

Completion of the main body.

In addition, the pattern paper used abovewebsiteDownloadable from.

Also, the experiment site of what you can do with product × packageMagokuraSo we are making various items besides this.

Misted frame made of donut boxes (picture frame) 【Magokura】 cardboard interior life

The picture frame "Mised frame" made from a donut box is refreshing and can not be thought of as reuse. This is created using two boxes.

Since sugar and chocolate can not be taken all the time, take out the donut from the box immediately after purchasing the donut.

Peel off the paste and cut off extra points according to the traced drawing.

All four parts are tubular.

Plug each of the four cylinders into each other.


The drawing is as followsDownloadableis.

In addition, how to make dom box made with Amazon down box is from below.

Dom box made of corrugated carton of amazon 【Magokura】 Cardboard interior life

First, cut two cardboards according to the drawing.

Cross it ......


The Dom crate is completed in no time.

The drawing can be downloaded from the following page.

In addition, Magokura is made from Amazon cardboard in addition to thisMagazine hookYaComic & amp; Paperback Box,Slipper rack decorating on the wall made of Felissimo cardboard box,Amazon cardboard box 6 boxes or 12 boxes to make a cat towerThere are lots of ideas lined up, such as.

Magocura magocraft

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