IOS 7 turned out to be compatible with "MPTCP (multipath TCP)" which stabilizes line speed by simultaneously using 3G / 4G communication and Wi-Fi

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"Dispatch" that connects Ethernet and multiple mobile routers, etc. and enables stable operation by bundling linesAlthough there is software called iOS 7, I found that it is compatible with "MPTCP (multipath TCP)" that can establish TCP connection of multiple routes as with Dispatch.

Apple iOS 7 surprises as first with new multipath TCP connections - Network World

MPTCP is an organization promoting the standardization of Internet technologyIETFIs an improved TCP protocol that has been working in recent years, and it can improve redundancy and improve performance by making multiple TCP connections. In January 2013RFC 6824It is defined as being implemented for the Linux kernel.

This is a demonstration movie of using MPTCP in the Linux kernel.

MultiPath TCP - YouTube

On the left side of the screen, the screensaver flows without interruption, indicating that communication is continuing, and at the bottom right of the screen shows the communication status on Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G from above. Normally, it is connected by Ethernet, but ...

Turning off Ethernet switches to Wi-Fi connection. At that time, communication will not be interrupted.

In parallel with Wi-Fi, communication is done even a little 3G.

If you also turn off Wi - Fi in this state, only 3G communication.

Even when switching, it is connected without problems.

When you turn on Ethernet again ...

Traffic is Ethernet priority.

The fact that iOS 7 is compatible with MPTCP has no information at all in advance, and this is the first large-scale commercial release as MPTCP. This fact was revealed by Professor Olivier Bonaventure, a researcher at the IP Networking Lab in Belgium.

Siri, which is a voice navigation function, is installed in iOS, and MPTCP is used to improve the performance of Siri.

Although it is unclear as to how it is actually used, as a next step, Professor Bonaventure says that all the applications installed in iOS 7 will use MPTCP.

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