Reasons why 8K display is unsatisfactory for further realization of perfect VR and further problems

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The device "Omni" developed for the purpose of perfect virtual reality (VR)Head mounted display"Oculus Rift"Hardware that realizes VR one after another appears in an affordable price range, but the developer of" Oculus Rift "says that" 8K display is not enough for perfect VR " .

Virtual Perfection: Why 8K resolution per eye is not enough for perfect VR | Ars Technica

"Palmer Luckey talks about shocking things that" Resina display-like things are garbage that is useless, "even if it is said to be rude to say the least. He is the founder of Oculus and the developer of Rift. I am devoting a lot of passion to games and especially to the world of virtual reality.

"When the small pixel size of the display reaches a certain level, there is a moment when you can not recognize individual pixels, but the human eye still has the ability to distinguish fine detail," Mr. Luckey I will talk. "Even on the level of the Retina display, aliasing may occur when displaying fine lines, and even if you display human hair for example, it is not one that can reproduce the real condition. Although it was thought that it was incredible, now it has become an ordinary one completely, so it's not amusing to have a head mount display of 8 K in ten years. "

As I listen to this, it sounds like a story that pounds a corner of a box, but it seems that you can feel the difference when you actually experience it. When comparing both the 1080p display and the prototype equipped with a higher resolution display on top of it, it says that if you are a high resolution type, the way you enter the game will be quite different.

Luckey says that it is a matter of "latency" that is about as important as it is. If the movement of the head and the timing when the visibility changes due to it will affect the feeling of immersion in the world. "Even if you do not spend a huge amount of money, it is possible to make latency on hardware below human perception level, but there are other parts of the hardware other than hardware."

"When playing the game on a 30 fps display, it can be said that there is considerable latency in VR,Team Fortress 2In games like, I improve the screen refresh rate so that I do not feel latency. "


Besides, latency can be reduced by the method of "predicting" the movement of the body. "Human bodies are those that make predictable movements, and by reading it we can go ahead with human's perception."

The reduction in latency also affects the position detection process. Obtaining accurate location information after doing various movements has a big influence on VR quality. According to Luckey, "This is not a problem to solve by just buying hardware and assembling it, it's a software problem.KinectThe hardware part ofPrimeSenseAlthough it is based on the company, it is all that the Microsoft finishes Kinect as a product by investing a lot of money. "

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