Twitter finally applied for the listing procedure to the Securities and Exchange Commission, then inside the company?

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Tweet announced tweet that Twitter with about 200 million users worldwide submitted an application for listing to the Securities and Exchange Commission on September 12th at the time of the United States.

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Twitter said, "We submitted an S-1 application (listing application) to SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) to prepare for listing, this tweet does not offer to sell securities" Tweet on September 12th.

A Twitter spokesperson did not immediately announce a comment on the tweet, but later acknowledged that the above tweet was correct. In addition, by using the method called "non-disclosure", it is possible for the Securities and Exchange Commission to make the initial listing application without open examination.

Twitter will finally decide to sell the stock and accordingly it will have to publish its financial documents to the whole world. However, Twitter and investors will be able to talk privately with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


If the company's annual revenue is more than $ 1 billion, it will not be possible to make the listing application private, so Twitter's annual revenue is less than $ 1 billion.

On September 9 th (Monday) 2013, Twitter is a start-up company that creates an advertising network for mobile "MoPub"The move that Twitter may apply for listing" was predicted, but it appeared in TechCrunch's conference held the same dayDick · CostroCEO says he did not talk about Twitter at all.

Twitter is tweeting with in-house photographs that are friendly, saying "Inside the company is now returning to normal work now" one minute after listing application announcement.

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