"DIY Cellphone" making mobile phone by using open source on your own

ByDevid Mellis

Mobile phones and smartphones are no longer capable of surpassing the computer of a long ago, and it is very difficult to understand their contents at the general user level, but such mobile phones andArduinoThere were people who made their own using the platform.

David A. Mellis: DIY Cellphone

This mobile phone called "DIY Cellphone" is created by a combination of open source software and hardware. Although it looks as simple as it seems, it is possible to send and receive text messages, address book registration, and time display, as well as calling / receiving of the phone. SIM cards available from existing carriers are available.

The "DIY Cellphone" system is open source hardwareArduinoDerived from "Arduino GSM Shield"It is a mechanism to operate using the system of. All hardware, design drawings, software, etc. are also open sourced, all necessary source files etcGitHubIt is published above.

Hardware: damellis / cellphone2hw · GitHub

Software: damellis / cellphone 2 · GitHub

◆ DIY Cellphone electronic circuit
There are two models of liquid crystal display and LED matrix with a simple appearance like the initial mobile phone.

Liquid crystal display specification

LED Matrix Specification

There is such a board inside. Of course, the built-in LCD display, the button switch for the input key etc are also assembled by oneself.

Design data on this board has also been released, and similarlyGitHubYou can download from.

The board design data is the format of the printed circuit board designGerber formatThis file is created byPrinted circuit board net mail order P board.comIt is also possible to send it to a printed circuit board supplier such as the manufacturer for the substitution.

In this way, soldering electronic parts is also "Do It Yourself"

Battery connected in this manner with cable and connector

On the back side of the board, it becomes a processorGSM / GPRS Module M 10And a SIM card holder etc. are mounted. fineSurface mountCircuit parts are also soldered by hand.

Arduino's development softwareArduino SoftwareWhen you install various drivers by using, the preparation of the electronic parts is completed.

◆ Body Case Creation
Next, create a case for the main unit. Cut out each part from a plywood of about 6 mm thickness and a thin plate of wood (veneer) and fix it with screws and nuts.

The case shape data isCase / folder"DIY - Cellphone - Top" and "DIY - Cellphone - Bottom" files.InkscapeIt is svg data created inCorel DRAWIt is also possible to edit with.

Combining the cut plywood boards to build up the case ...

Incorporate the board into the case

Assembling is completed by fixing the lid with screws and nuts

This completes the mobile phone. You can call without problems

A workshop etc. for creating this "DIY Cellphone" is also held

Cell phones made of corrugated cardboard case ......

Some people make it a stylish design named "Purple Heart"

Because we can design the body freely, it makes it a wedge type design ......

There were also strongers who made cases using 3D printers

If household 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC etc. become popular, an era will come when it becomes possible to make your own self-made smartphone and tablet in a true sense that is more sophisticated.

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