Case-type satellite phone "SoftBank 202TH" to connect with iPhone 5 so that satellite phone can be used

In order to use satellite phone, it is necessary to use a dedicated terminal corresponding to it,Started satellite phone service from February 2013SOFTBANK MOBILE announced that it will release "SoftBank 202TH" nationwide from 10th September to make satellite phone available by fitting iPhone 5 and making Bluetooth connection.

"202TH" that can use satellite phone by connecting to iPhone 5, released on September 10th | SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp.

It has a shape like a huge iPhone case, this is 202 TH.

By fitting in iPhone 5 and connecting with Bluetooth, you can use iPhone 5 as a satellite phone by using the dedicated application "SatSleeve".

Using SatSleeve, you can easily make outgoing / SMS transmissions from satellite phones using the iPhone's phone book, and you can make outgoing calls and data communications to emergency institutions using satellite phone Become. Application download is free.

The size of 202 TH is 69 mm × 142 mm × 31 mm, and the weight is about 227 g. Continuous talk time is about 3 hours, continuous standby time is about 36 hours.

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