'Google Chrome 29' stable release, improved stability and performance

ByPeter Eck Brasil

It becomes a stable version "29.0.1547.57"Was released for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome Frame.

Google Chrome Blog: Smarter omnibox suggestions for all

Even if it is left unattended, it will be updated automatically, but I want to update it to the latest version now! You can update by the following procedure.

First, if you choose "About Google Chrome" from the menu, you can forcibly start automatic updating in the middle as follows

When the "Restart" button is displayed, click

Google Chrome will be the latest version

You can also download directly from the link below.

Chrome 29.0.1547.57

The functional version upgrade of this time is as follows.

· Suggest function by Omnibox has taken into consideration recently visited sites

- Added reset function to restore original state

· Lots of new applications and API extensions

· Further improve stability and performance

The reset function is used as follows.

Click the button in the upper right and select "Settings"

Click "Show advanced settings" at the bottom

Furthermore, it is OK if you click "Reset browser setting" which comes out at the bottom

There are also 25 other security updates, and moreChrome for AndroidThe scroll speed improved, the startup speed also improved, WebRTC was supported, so plugging in video calling is no longer needed.

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