Self-driving cars will occupy 75% of passenger cars in 2035

ByDave Fletcher

Due to the driving support technology that warns me that the distance between the car and the preceding car is too clogged or because of the driving support technology that keeps the moderate spacing, the spicyness when getting caught in congestion with the Bon Festival and New Year's homecoming rush is considerably reduced Self-driving car (automatic driving car) spread widely in 2035, such trouble itself may be gone.

By 2035, Nearly 100 Million Self-Driving Cars Will Be Sold Per Year, Report Says | Motherboard

Navigant Research's latest reportAccording to 2035 after 22 years, 75% of passenger cars are expected to be occupied by self-driving cars (SDC). Navigant believes that by 2035, 100 million SDCs will be sold annually.

ByMelody Joy Kramer

Considering that the number of 100 million units is larger than the number of passenger cars currently sold in the year, it is a phenomenal figure. By the way, 2012 is a year in which the number of automobile production was recordfully recorded, but still the number of cars manufactured in one year will be only 60 million even if all factories around the world are combined. Based on the idea that demand for automobiles will continue to grow as emerging countries around the world, including China, rich enough to purchase cars and purchase SDC.

ByTrey Ratcliff

Although it seems to be unpredictable from the current point of view, the function that the car autonomously controls the operation, such as the automatic braking in case of emergency, the cruise control, and the erroneous departure suppression function of the AT car, It is installed in. Going forward, Google Car certifies that these technologies can evolve as a self-driving function, and the automobile industry also has a unified view that "SDC will be realized by 2020".

ByJames Green

It is ready to introduce SDC itself to the market, Navigant. The reason why technical problems are cleared up can not be put on the market because the legal responsibility and the legal system for SDC's technology are not resolved. In Nevada state and the state of Florida in the United States, the car which runs without driver is legalized, and in California state driving without driver is legally allowed in test driving. However, it is not clear at this time what insurance companies should pay insurance premiums as they should be responsible for accidents when SDCs in automatic operation collide with each other.

ByChris Conroy

If this problem can be overcome, the Motherboard anticipates that SDC will spread rapidly, and by 2035 the relationship between motor car and expressway may be changing like railway and its line relationship There is no comment.

ByMiroslav Petrasko

Although it is natural that a car has a role of transportation to reach a destination, there are also aspects of a tool to enjoy driving. The pleasure of being lost as a substitute for convenience by SDC also seems to hamper the spread of SDC. I'm looking forward to see what kind of SDC is running 20 years later.

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