Six things I found after tried on Google's automatic driving car

Earlier in 2015, public road experiments of automatic driving cars, which we are developing, are being launched in the USA. Meanwhile, Matthew Inman, a blogger 's "Oatmeal" who got the opportunity to test drive in an automated driving car, said the impression divided into six items.

6 things I learned from riding in a Google Self-Driving Car - The Oatmeal

◆ 1: Human driving is very bad
Human beings fall asleep while driving, writing e-mails, and not doing anything, but sometimes it's a creature that sometimes drinks and drives. Due to traffic accidents caused by such things, in JapanApproximately 4,400 people per year, And in the United StatesApproximately 31,000 people per yearLife is lost. In addition, it is a traffic accident that is the leading cause of death in the United States from 15 to 24 in the United States, and there are survey results that 40% of the drivers who caused the accident did not brake.

ByAngelo Bianchetti

Although cars are very convenient, there is a case that it becomes a weapon that easily takes away one 's life if it mistakes one step. It is one of the objectives of Google's automated driving car that Google is trying to eliminate "accidents caused by human errors" that have kept people suffering for more than 100 years since the birth of a car.

◆ 2: Google's automatic driving car is a "coward"
According to Inman who actually got on the automatic driving car, that running was slowly and carefully done, and it is "to irritate the opposite meaning not to harm other drivers" It was said that it was cautious as it was. The intensity of automatic driving can be adjusted by software, but the automatic driving car running on Google's headquarters · mountain view city with people on it is almost like a novice driver picking up a driver's license I heard he was doing it.

It is said that the automatic driving car around the time I was running the course for experiments was able to drive even more intense, but it seems that the vehicle that carries out public road experiments is setting quite quietly. It is unavoidable for public roads where there are various drivers that differ from the so-called "laboratory" level, but Inman says "I wanted to taste even more intense driving".

◆ 3: pretty pretty
The automatic driving car designed by Google is consciously given a cute appearance. In human psychology, when feeling a living thing to what seemed inorganic, it isAdorationBecause there is a tendency to embrace emotions, automatic driving cars are dressed to make them reminiscent of human faces. With deliberately cute designs on state-of-the-art equipment, Google seems to expect other drivers not to embrace "attack heart".

BySmoothgroover 22

The scenery that Google's automatic driving car is actually running with people is published in the following movies. It seems to be different from what is actually used for public road experiments, but you can see the surprisingly cute car body running at a fairly high speed.

A First Drive - YouTube

◆ 4: It is still far from developing, perfectly far away
Although it is an automatic driving car that has been developed and able to respond to various situations, still further developments are still left to reach "perfection". In particular, situations such as when passing through an intersection not equipped with a signal, or a change in the signal from blue to yellow, such situations as human beings may be lost in judgment are likely to be difficult cases for automatic driving cars.

When Mr. Inman test-rides on an automated driving car and runs through the city, he encounters a situation where he joins the main street from the side street. Everyone who got on the automatic driving car confirmed the flow of the car and it seems that the automatic driving car did not move at all even when the situation of the car on the main road was interrupted and the situation "going to go" has come.

Looking closely at the surroundings, the pedestrians standing on the opposite side of the road ahead of the direction of travel are standing in subtle gestures whether they cross the road, which makes it difficult for the automated driving car to judge It looks like. This is a case that humans often get lost, and there are many people who have experienced not being able to move at all with just watching each other's attitude. After watching the situation for a while, the automatic driving car judged that "pedestrians do not cross the road", ran with solosoro and was able to join the main line.

◆ 5: But I really want you to realize it sooner
Mr. Inman who tried on an automated driving car said that he / she wants the automated driving car to be put to practical use, while saying "It is a bit biased" in his / her way of thinking. For that reason Inman reveals that his mother fell down with a heart attack a short time ago and it suffered damage to the brain. Mr. Inman's mother has been unable to drive a car since he fell ill, and he seems to have been away from society without being able to live a healthy life I had been sending.

In general, questions about automated driving cars such as "how much will it cost?" And "whether this will be replaced with a car of my home" are thrown, but Inman is more "smart" We should not forget the way of thinking. In the United States, many of the people with disabilities should work in the society and work, we should think about the fact that the life of the elderly people will be better by technology, moreover, many of our own cars have been stopped in the garage We are suggesting that we should think about the possibility that car sharing will increase as a result of the automated driving car being moved and parking lot problems and carbon dioxide emissions problems will be alleviated.

◆ 6: The test drive of the automatic driving car was not a "special experience". But on the contrary it was a good thing.
Inman says Inman is about the experience of an automated driving car, "At first it got used to the strange things but gradually became accustomed, in the end it was enough to forget that the car is moving without permission." Computer checks the signal and predicts the movement of pedestrians and bicycles like human beings are doing like human beings, "The brains that human beings have acquired in the evolution of millions of years are only slight It is being impressed by computer technology in less than ten years ".

Each automated driving car on which the experiment on the public road is being promoted is to share the "experience" of each other as data, and the experience value obtained from it is increasing at a pace that is not comparable to humans Thing. We are already accumulating driving experience that is equivalent to 40 years of human beings, but this technology is still just born, and it is considered to be further developed in the future. Mr. Inman says he is looking forward to the era of automatic driving car popularization.

◆ bonus: Android Auto is running
In "CES 2015" held in Las Vegas in January 2015, we are planning to introduce the in-vehicle OSGoogle AutoThere was a demonstration of the vehicle carrying the.

Getting married in Vegas with Android Auto - CES 2015 - YouTube

Google Maps appears on the screen and looks very similar to Android smartphone. Tap the microphone icon and the audio input mode turned on.

"KISSHotter than HellI talked to the wedding chapel ... "...

Destination is set.

Drive to the destination as it is.

The menu displayed during driving seems to be focused on the functions required for driving. The screen UI design is also designed according to the latest material design.

Arrived at your destination safely. A rogue chapel whose rock band "KISS" was the theme was the destination.

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