When ammonium dichromate and mercury thiocyanate meet, ridiculous things come out

When I was a child, I carried out various experiments as research on summer vacation issues, but chemical experiments are an eternal theme that makes me excited even after becoming an adult. In such a chemistry experiment full of romance, there is a thing which is not ridiculous which you do not imagine by chemical reactions is born. In this experimental movie in which ammonium dichromate and mercuric thiocyanate are reacted, it is possible to see exactly such a chemical reaction.

Chemische Reaktion NH4Cr2O7 mit HgSCN - YouTube

The reddish-brown powder is ammonium dichromate, and crystals of mercuric thiocyanate have already been mixed in it.

As the reaction does not advance between solids, it increases the reaction rate by applying heat.

Ignition with a lighter.

Raise the flame up with Melamella and burn it out.

The momentum of the fire is increasing ......

In a state like magma.

A black soot blew out,

By the time the fire pillar goes up.

Looking at the flame and looking ......

Something came out!

What came out is an object like a tentacle, appearing one after another in the flame.

This tentacle moves like Uenune as if she had a life.

However, if you get away from the flame it is hardened as if you lost your life.

When the flame momentum becomes smaller, the tentacle is like an object of contemporary art ... ....

The expression "chemical reaction" is metaphorically used in the sense that "multiple effects are combined and unexpected effects occur", but this movie is a straight expression of its meaning It is. As ammonium dichromate and mercuric thiocyanate used in the experiment are harmful substances to the human body, let's not imitate it.

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