High-tech signboard producing 100 liters of drinking water from the moisture in the air a day

It is something we want to do without going out outside on a sultry day, but in Lima, Peru, where humidity is higher than in Japan, the water shortage is a problem because of the low rainfall. For this reason, a high-tech signboard that collects and filters the moisture in the air and creates drinking water is put to practical use.

Drinking Water out of Air - YouTube

It was UTEC (University of Engineering and Technology of Peru) that developed a high-tech signboard.

Peru 's capital, Lima, is a coastal desert area with high humidity and low precipitation.

"In the area where we live, most of the water is pumped up from the well, but it is not so clean and dirty water," residents of the Bujama area.

Annual rainfall is 0.51 inches (about 13 mm). "13 mm rain every hour" is a scale that can be expressed as slightly strong rain, but in this year it is not too much to say that it will rain hardly.

In contrast, the humidity in the atmosphere reaches 98%.

For their country, UTEC took notice of the signboard.

It collects moisture in the air through the air filter inside, filters the collected moisture with a carbon filter, and drinking water is stored in the cooling tank.

20 liters of water can be stored in the tank and clean drinking water is easily obtained from the faucet.

A number of water supply tubes are extending inside the signboard and are controlled by the computer.

It looks like water is pushing the faucet button.

Production volume is 9,450 liters in 3 months. This is equivalent to the amount of water that hundreds of families consume in a month.

We produce about 100 liters of water every day from nothing in the air.

There is no need to be frightened by water shortages any longer.

Water scarcity is a serious problem in Peru because rain hardly falls, and the residents hope to further spread as "We have given us a life."

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