"Pagani · Uaira" of the body price of 120 million yen is such a wonder car

Based on an Italian-based super car makerPaganiCompany was founded by Argentine native Horacio Pagani. "1999 announced"Zonda C 12(Zonda) "and its derivative models until 2010, but in 2011 as a successor car"Uiaira(Huayra) "has been announced. Popular car program aired on British BBC "Top GearThe movie which was introduced in the following is the movie.

Pagani Huayra - Richard Hammond reviews - Top Gear Series 19 - BBC - YouTube

This time we are introducing Uiaira is familiar with the role of the program being playedRichard HammondMr.

This is Pagani Huayra (Huayra). It boasts the highest speed of 370 km / h, and the price in the UK is 800,000 pounds (about 120 million yen), which is a super high class super car. The name "Huayra" comes from the phrase "indigenous peoples native South American" "wind god".

What fits in the heart is a V-type 12-cylinder / 6-liter twin turbo engine supplied by AMG Corp. for Huaira, which is a large output of 730 horsepower. If you are trying to fully accelerate ...

"Wow aaaaaaaaaa" will be. Surely the same TopGearJeremy ClarksonHe should also shout "POWERAWARA!"

The highest speed on the TopGear test track has reached 185 miles per hour (approximately 298 km / h).

But the charm of this car is not limited to that. Luxury equipment suitable for price is being sold. For example, interior decoration using fine leather ... ...

Perguni's logo is on the mount of the door speaker full of texture.

The casual leather parts also have a sense of quality. All bolts used are made of titanium.

The car name emblem was cut out from aluminum chunks over 24 hours.

To the wheel, it takes 5 days to complete.

Precise machining is given everywhere.

The shift lever Hammond is pointing is amazing. Since this Hairira shifts using the electric paddle switch on the back of the steering wheel, it is not necessary to attach the shift lever originally, but it is equipped exclusively for just saying "I sometimes use it" It is an exclusive item.

Moreover, for such parts it seems that 67 parts are combined to create a fine feel during shift. Originally a simple electric switch is enough and a complicated mechanism should not be necessary, but Paganni 's awesome thing is not to pull out there.

By the way, the transmission main body is not a fashionable twin plate type clutch, but an orthodox single plate type is adopted. It seems that we achieved 100 kg weight reduction.

Of course, high-class materials are also spared for the car body. You can see the handle of the carbon fiber which is often used for Formula 1 machine and latest passenger aircraft through the hood.

It is exactly like a racing car. For the chassis, a composite material of carbon and titanium called "Cabo Taynium" is used. It is the latest material combining lightness and toughness.

The weight of the car is 1350 kg, this class is within the numerical value which can be said to be lightweight, it shows the performance degree of the carPower Weight Ratio(The figure obtained by dividing the horsepower by the weight of the car) is "541 horsepower per ton of vehicle weight" (oversea expression notation). It boasts the strongest 1001 horsepower of a commercial carBugatti VeyronExceeding "530 horsepower per ton" of that of the previous year. By the way, HondaFitIn the case of "about 100 hp per ton", NissanGT-RBut it is "About 320 hp per ton".

To further enhance its performance aerodynamic flaps are equipped, two at the end of the car body ......

Two in the front part, four in total are equipped.

This flap is computer-controlled by the speed of the vehicle, etc. It generates the downward force downward by the force of the air and has the function of stabilizing the car body.

Hammond says, "There are" dramas "that Ferraris and Lamborghini have lost for this Huaira, which was made up of various styles like this." Though it is not easy to touch thanks to the price of over 100 million yen, it is something I'd like to feel at myself once.

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