7 Ways to Create 'Inspiration' to Motivate Photography


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It seems that not only people who take pictures as a hobby but also professional photographers want to go to take pictures, but they are not motivated or have trouble. Nick Sparks, a photographer from the United States, also says that sometimes he is not motivated to take pictures, but there are still moments when he wants to take pictures. That moment is when something suddenly comes to my mind. When Sparks comes up with a new idea, he goes out with his camera without thinking it's a hassle. Then, Sparks, who thought out 'what to do when nothing inspires', has published 7 ways to discover inspiration in photography on the 500px official blog.

7 Tips To Combat Photographer's Block --500px

◆ 1: For the time being, go outside and shoot anything.


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Being familiar with many artists, not just photographers, means spending a lot of time finding the best ideas and then putting them into action. However, Sparks seems to come up with an idea suddenly when he goes out for the time being and releases the shutter because it can be any object. When in doubt, he goes out and starts shooting, and he gets inspiration from things and scenery that he wouldn't normally think of.

◆ 2: Focus on one color and shoot


Giovanni Cioli

Different colors have different moods, such as blue for relaxing and orange and yellow for happy. By narrowing down the color of the object to one color, you can discover the facial expressions of photographs that you have never seen before, and it seems that new ideas are easy to come up with.

◆ 3: Shoot emotions


Samina Rahman

If you decide on the concept of photography as 'emotion' and shoot, you can discover various ideas. For example, if you set the photo theme to 'Happy', you may be able to take a photo that you like more than ever, by naturally turning your foot to the place where you had a happy experience. Also, it is ant to use a mood board that makes the image of words visible.

◆ 4: Take a street snapshot

By Piotr Hajduga

Even though it's a street snap, it's not about shooting the clothes of young people you see in fashion magazines, but about capturing the 'road' where humans intersect. There are as many stories as there are people on the road that many people take, so you can come up with ideas that will motivate you.

◆ 5: Challenge advanced shooting


Natalia Lisay

When you try a photo that requires a high level of skill, you will almost always get frustrated or you will not be able to take the photo you want, but by experiencing a failure, you can learn the technology that can be used for the next shot. .. Also, raising the shooting level may give rise to new ideas that will be useful for future shooting. Photographs that require advanced technology include light painting , long exposure, and clone photography .

◆ 6: Go to a place you have never visited


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Let's go to a strange land with the feeling of 'let's go to this area' without deciding a clear destination. According to Sparks, new inspirations are always born wherever you arrive without deciding where you want to go.

◆ 7: Collaborate with someone

By Marc Duvollet

Collaborating with someone to create a work, even if it's an artist, friend, or neighbor from another field, will help you to be inspired by the ideas of others and come up with new ideas.

In other words, in order to prevent the motivation of photography that occurs for everyone, it is important to take pictures of anything, or to challenge objects, places, or shooting methods that you have not experienced yet. This means that the motivation for photography will increase.

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