10 Ways to Forge Summer Vacation

ByHiba Haba

While there are those who have already started summer vacation, "vacation is not an urban legend ..." state or there are no plans even though there is a holiday, but at such a time even feelings can be taken to vacation Listed up how to immerse is "10 ways to forge summer vacation"is.

10 Ways to Fake a Vacation

◆ 01: Forgery sunburn
Even if you do not have time to go to the beach, paint the color of the skin black, try painting the oil with the veranda of the room and feeling sunburn makes me feel summer.

ByMaggie Brauer

◆ 02: Wear your favorite swimsuit
Let's wear a bathing suit even when you are alone in the room.


◆ 03: Order a tropical drink for happy hour
There is a place in the bar where you can order tropical drinks such as Margarita in Happy Hour during the summer. There is expenses, but it is more economical than actually traveling.

BySteve Corey

◆ 04: Read the book on the coast
People who have time go a bit and go to the ocean, and when you open the book you can feel a resorty feeling.

ByFernando Valenca

◆ 05: Set vacation images of drooled items on PC background image
If beautiful sea or cityscape, such as Mykonos island in Greece, is in the background image, it will be healed every time the PC is opened.

ByDavid Pedler

◆ 06: I will get up early this weekend
If you hear the voice "go to the gym" or "wash clothes" even if you can ignore it, it is a gold prize.

ByVicki's Pics

◆ 07: Lying in the park in the afternoon
Not only to lie down, it is also recommended to go on a picnic.

ByAndreas Åkre Solberg

◆ 08: Cool body with pool
It may not be a beach, a river or a lake, but it is one way to use a nearby facility such as a citizen pool.

ByDaniel Kulinski

◆ 09: Dress a part
When you dress up it seems that your mood just rises.

ByChris Neal

◆ 10: I go to places I have never been before, such as new restaurants, museums and parks
I can go to new places without a long break. It is important to try using a small opportunity such as trying to change the place of meal to a new restaurant.

By bricolage 108

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