All-hand-drawn animation "Cuushe - Airy Me" in which a patient who turned into a mysterious creature attacks a nurse

Patients suddenly looking like creatures chasing after ordinary nurses who seem to work at a seemingly irreverent hospital ... ... as if a story like a panic movie is somewhat nostalgic It expresses with a soft illustration, a fantasy and eerie blend of funny animation with a mysterious atmosphereCuushe - Airy Me"is.

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A girl running in the forest.

It seems they have found something.

I got the red apples I got.


Hold your mouth and feel something.

And the girl's face is up ... ...

Just to see the eyes through the keyhole.

The scene changes and the butchards rise from among the flowers.

Beyond the hand writing the chart ... ...

A child who has defeated a vase.

The nurse who wrote the medical record headed for the child with Hoki and Chile.

When cleaning, the butch will pass through the side of the head of the nurse.

The weeping whitewater near the ceiling is inside the lamp.

The child will move to the mother holding the baby.

The nurse opens the door instead of the old man ... ...

I got off from the door and I saw off the weeping cane.

The old man came out, it seemingly looks like a big hospital.

And one door was projected.

"Airy Me"

A boy is asleep in the room.

A nurse earlier who came in there.

It's a boy staring at a nurse ... ...

I turned my face pale at the time of blood collection.

Blood sampling.

Blood circulates through the blood vessels.

A specimen of a dubious atmosphere test tube or a butterfly which is suddenly projected.

Meanwhile, the nurse will leave the room after the treatment is over.

A long shadow extending from its back.

It will grow like a ribbon ... ... and a ribbon.

It appeared that apple.


It is the boy who eats that apple.


And nurses who will leave the room like the Dejaubu (already deceived) will be displayed.

Moreover, the place has changed, and this time it is like a surgical room where the light disappeared.

It is the caterpillar that appeared from the apple that was held with both hands.

I can gently take that hand.

A man standing in front of a nurse.

And again the state of the room.

This time the nurse did not leave the room. Suddenly stretching out my hand ... ...

Tonight the boy's nose.

Then the face of the boy suddenly bulged out.


Something came out ......


Further bursting.

A boy who changed his mind to a strange creature.

The nurse escapes.

The former boy who chases.

Ear, feathers, eyeballs and butterfly specimens are lined up.

A man wearing a white suit watching the collection in the room.

The window glass broke behind it.

The boy whose shape has changed goes out to the hallway and follows the nurse.

I put out something like a tentacle from the body.

Nurse who moves while avoiding tentacles.

Look back on the glance ... ...

We opened the stairs which was a hidden door.

And the nurse goes into the dark ... ....

Who is the girl who came out at the beginning? Can the nurse escape safely? What will happen to boys who have changed their appearance? The world that seemed to be a hospital anywhere seems to change rapidly and the story reaches a surprising climax.

It was a student at the Tama Art University graphic design departmentHaruko KunoAnimation created as graduation work ofCompleted hand drawing three years of animation over 2 yearsIt has become a work that is drawn into the world of the story unexpectedly in the unique atmosphere that mixed with soft coloring and camera work, fantasy and bad feelings.

In addition, in addition to this Illustrations of Ms. Haruko Kuno can be seen from the following website.

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