Panasonic canceled development of smartphone for NTT Docomo

At 15NEC Casio Mobile Communications officially announces withdrawal from smartphone businessHowever, like NEC Casio, Panasonic, a maker that is out of NTT DoCoMo's "two-stop strategy", touched upon the possibility of discontinuing the development of smartphones for NTT docomo.

Pana, Doomo smartphone development can also be canceled - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

Panasonic Managing Director, Sumaho "Very tough" "To draw direction soon": Nihon Keizai Shimbun

This is what Panasonic executive managing director Hideaki Kawai said during the April - June quarterly press conference held on July 31.

Panasonic as a smartphone for NTT docomoELUGA PP-03EAlthough we are offering the ELUGA series, NTT DoCoMo has a system to push Samsung Electronics and Sony models to the front as a "two-tact strategy", and models that are out of the two-tippers are forced to fight hard.

According to Mr. Kawai, Mr. Kawai said that the operating loss for the cellular phone business is 5.4 billion yen, which is worse than last year, and he said that it is necessary to issue a future direction as soon as possible.

Sharp or Fujitsu also falls under manufacturers who are out of the NTT DoCoMo's two-stop strategy, and profits have fallen dramatically from the previous year. Although we have not heard such as withdrawal from business or discontinuation of development of smartphone, the composition that the same manufacturer continues to supply terminals continues for so long.

2013/08/06 9: 30
According to MSN Sankei news, Panasonic told NTT DoCoMo that it will not supply new smartphone products in the winter of 2013.

Panasonic, withdrawal of smartphones for individuals also sent off to docomo - MSN Sankei News

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