Hatsune Miku's Racing Car & Electric Motorcycle was on display in One Festival 2013 [Summer] and I've seen it

Characters related to cartoon, animation, game are drawn on the car bodyPain carYaPain cart is used as advertisementHowever, it is now also made as a full-fledged racing car.One festival 2013 [summer]Okay.Good Smile CompanySince BMW's pain racing car and electric motorcycle were exhibited from BMW, I actually saw what I felt.

This isGood Smile CompanyExhibition space of.

First of all, I discovered Hatsune Miku design electric motorcycleTT 0 (KM 1 S).

It can be done in the UKIsle of Man TT RaceHe also took part in 2012 and finished 6th.

Kishimoto YoshihiroHere is TT zero developed by Mr. Miyazaki.

Naname It looks like this when looking from above.

Hatsune Miku is drawn largely on the side.


A state of the rear part.

Next to the electric motorcycleGSR & Studie with Team UKYO's BMW Z4 GT3had.

It is a pain racing car which was supposed to receive official support of German BMW motor sports from 2012.

This is also Hatsune Miku big body on the body.

Looking from the front like this.

Hatsune Miku also to the hood. Even looking from the side and seeing from the side it was the design of Hatsune Miku.

Furthermore, at the venue, sports cars that are not painful carsLamborghiniExperience test drive was also possible.

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