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A free online encyclopedia that anyone can editWikipediaThere are about 22 million articles in total in 285 languages ​​as of July 2013, and there are about 4 million articles only in English articles. However, among many posted articles, someone else edits an article created by someone else totally different, then another person edits again and returns to the contents of the original articleEdit battleThere are several articles being done. Taha Yasseri of Oxford University analyzes Wikipedia and publishes articles that are frequently edited battle at once.

The most controversial topics in Wikipedia: - 1305.5566.pdf

Edit Wars Reveal The 10 Most Controversial Topics on Wikipedia | MIT Technology Review

Although the editing history of all articles is open to the public in Wikipedia, articles that are frequently edited have the possibility of only changing the contents rapidly, and editing battle is intensely done It is not a material to judge whether it is an article or not. Therefore, the research team led by Mr. Taha Yasseri started investigating using the method of analyzing by the number of times of reversal in order to accurately distinguish the article being edited battle. This method was used by Taha Yasseri to summarizeTop 10 articles in the edit battle English versionAre as follows.

The first place in the most controversial article in English Wikipedia is the 43rd President of the United States of America "George W. Bush(George W. Bush) ", Meaning anarchist in the second place" Anarchism (Anarchism) ", And the third place is Muslim founder" Muhammad (Muhammad ibn = Abdullah) "Is ranked in. Most of the articles in the top ten relate to politics and religion,People belonging to WWEThe unusual word that we say is also ranked in.

◆ Top 10 editorial battle topics English version
No. 01: George W. Bus (George · W · Bush)
No. 02: Anarchism (anarchism)
No. 03: Muhammad (Muhammad ibn = Abdullah)
0th place: List of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. employees (People belonging to WWE)
No. 05: Global warming (Global warming)
06th place: Circumcision (circumcision)
No. 07: United States (United States)
0th place: Jesus (Jesus Christ)
09th place:Race and intelligence(Race and intelligence)
No. 10: Christianity (Christianity)

In addition, the top 10 articles that are editing battle of other languages ​​are like this.

◆ German version top 10
No. 01: Croatia (Croatia)
No. 02: Scientology (Scientology)
# 03: 9/11 conspiracy theories (America simultaneous terrorist attacks conspiracy theory)
0th place: Fraternities (Fraternity and Sorority)
No. 05: Homeopathy (Homeopathy)
No. 0: Adolf Hitler (Adolf Hitler)
0th place: Jesus
0th place: Hugo Chávez (Hugo Chavez)
No. 09: Minimum Wage (minimum wage)
No. 10: Rudolf Steiner (Rudolph Steiner)

Top 10 French version
No. 01: Ségolène Royal (Segorole Royale)
No. 02: Unidentified flying object (Unidentified flying object)
No. 03: Jehovah's Witnesses (Jehovah's Witness)
0th place: Jesus
0th place: Sigmund Freud (Sigmund Freud)
06th: September 11 attacks (September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States)
No. 07:Muhammad aldurrah incident
No. 08: Islamophobia (Islamic phobia)
09th place:God in Christianity
# 10:Nuclear power debate

◆ Spanish version top 10
No. 01: Chile (Chile)
No. 02: Club América (Club America)
No. 03: Opus Dei (Ops Day)
0th place: Athletic Bilbao (Athletic · Bilbao)
No. 05: Andrés Manuel López Obrador (Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador)
06th place: Newell's Old Boys (Newells Old Boys)
0th place: FC Barcelona (FC Barcelona)
0th place: Homeopathy
No. 09: Augusuto Pinochet (Augusto Pinochet)
No. 10: Alianza Lima (Ariansa · Lima)

◆ Top 10 in Czech version
No. 01: Homosexuality (Homosexuality)
No. 02: Psychotronics (Psychotronics)
No. 03: Telepathy (telepathy)
0th place: Communism (Communism)
No. 05: Homophobia (Homophobia)
0th place: Jesus
0th place: Moravia (Moravian)
0th place:Sexual orientation change efforts
No. 09: Ross hedvicek
No. 10: Israel (Israel)

◆ Hungarian version top 10
No. 01: Gypsy Crime
No. 02: Atheism (atheism)
No. 03: Hungarian radical right
0th place: Viktor Orbán (Olburn · Victor)
No. 05:Hungarian Guard Movement
06th place:Ferenc Gyurcsány's speech in Balatonőszöd in May 2006
0th place: The Mortimer case
0th place: Hungarian Far-right
09th place:Jobbik
# 10:Polgár Tamás

◆ Romanian version top 10
No. 01: FC Universitatea Craiova (Universe Citya Kryova)
No. 02:Mircea Badea
No. 03: Disney Channel (Disney Channel)
0th place:Legionnaires' rebellion & amp; Bucharest pogrom
0 th place: Lugoj (Rugogi)
06th place:Vladimir Tismăneanu
0th place: Craiova (Craiova)
No. 08: Romania (Romania)
No. 09: Traian Basescu (Trajan Bassesque)
No. 10: Romanian Orthodox Church (Romanian Orthodox Church)

◆ Arabic version top 10
No. 01:Ash'ari
No. 02: Ali bin Talal al Jahani
No. 03: Muhammad
0th place: Ali
No. 05: Egypt (Egypt)
No. 06: Syria (Syria)
No. 07: Sunni Islam (Sunni school)
08th place: Wahhabi (Wahab faction)
No. 09: Yasser Al-Habib (Yasser Al-Habib)
No. 10: Arab people (Arab)

◆ Persian version top 10
No. 01: Bab
No. 02: Fatimah (Fatima)
No. 03: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad)
0th place: People's Mujahedin of Iran (Moger Hedne Hargurg)
0th place: Criticism of the Quran (Criticism of the Quran)
06th place: Tabriz (Tabriz)
No. 07: Ali Khamenel (Ally Hamenei)
No. 08: Ruhollah Khomeini (Ruholer · Khomeiny)
09th place:Massoud Rajavi
No. 10: Muhammad

◆ Hebrew version top 10
No. 01:Chabad
No. 02:Chabad messianism
No. 03: 2006 Lebanon War (Invasion in Lebanon)
0th place: B'Tselem (Bezlem)
0th place: Benjamin Netanyahu (Benjamin Netanyahu)
06th place:Jewish settlement in Hebron
No. 07:Daphni Leef
No. 08: Gaza War (Gaza conflict)
No. 09: Beitar Jerusalem F.C. (Beitar Jerusalem FC)
No. 10: Ariel Sharon (Ariel Sharon)

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