A service that can graph the daily page view for each page of Wikipedia

For example, Japanese versionWikipediaThere is a case called "How much is this page per day?", But it is a service that shows the page view of the page in a graph by searching in such a case.

Details are as below.
Wikipedia article traffic statistics

For example, to search from Japanese Wikipedia, select "Japanese", then select the year, month, day you want to search. Finally enter the phrase and click "Go". Phrases pass through Japanese as well.

Then the number of views is displayed in this way.BleachIn the case, there seemed to be a date of 9,200 page views per day at the maximum, which is a considerable number.

Where is this data acquired from?FAQAccording toWikipedia cluster log fileIt seems that there is a certain degree of credibility because it is acquired and processed. Once,Wikipedia Author's HelpIt is also posted.

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