Top 20 Most Viewed Pages in English Wikipedia in 2009

As of 2009, it is the top 20 items with many page views on the English version of Wikipedia. There are items that represent the year 2009, and items that are immobile regardless of age, and you can see from the ranking what people who refer to the English version of the Wikipedia are interested in.

Ranking is below.
Below is the current ranking.

1st place: Wiki (Wiki) (131,383 page views / day)
2nd place: The Beatles (111,896 pages view / day)
3rd place: Michael Jackson (70,974 pages view / day)
4th place: Favicon.ico ( Favicon ) ( 7,800,000 pages view / day)
5th: YouTube (YouTube) (72,318 pages view / day)
6th: Wikipedia (Wikipedia) (52,542 page views / day)
7th: Barack Obama (49,401 pages view / day)
8th: Deaths in 2009 (people who died in 2009 ) (48,758 pages view / day)
9th: United States (46,545 pages view / day)
10: Facebook ( Facebook (SNS site)) (42,679 pages view / day)
11th: Current events portal (Recent events) (40,096 pages view / day)
12th: World War II ( World War II ) (29,736 pages view / day)
13th: Twitter (Twitter) (28,511 page views / day)
14th: Transformers Revenge of the Fallen ( Transformers Revenge (movie)) (28,395 page views / day)
15) Slumdog Millionaire ( Slum Dog Millionaire (movie)) (26,755 page views / day)
# 16: Lil Wayne ( Lil Wayne ) (26,210 page views / day)
Position 17: Adolf Hitler (25,481 pages view / day)
18th: India (India) (25,380 pages view / day)
19: Transformers 2 (24,842 page views / day)
# 20: Scrubs ( Sukurabusu (Overseas Drama)) (24,758 page views / day)

'Michael Jackson', which was not included in the top 50 last year, has been ranked 3rd by intelligence. On the other hand, the top 50 for 'Sala Palin' and 'John McCain', which were talked about last year's presidential election, are not included. In addition, the movie titles such as “Transformers Revenge” and “Slumdog Millionaire” rank in 2009, which is also a symbol of 2009.

Items such as 'Wiki', 'YouTube' and 'The Beatles' are still ranked high, and it seems that they will continue to stay high for a while.

You can see the ranking below 20 and the top 50 of 2008 from below.
The 50 most-viewed Wikipedia articles in 2009 and 2008-Telegraph

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