Lacoste limited edition shirt incorporating symbol crocodiles luxuriously

Famous brands such as polo shirtsLacoste. I think that many crowds who are brand trademarks are familiar to you, but there seems to be a limited shirt of design that used this alligator mark abundantly. Anyway, it looks like alligator marks, and it is unbearable to Lacoste fans and crocodile lovers

Details are as below.
Campanas X Lacoste - 2009 Holiday Collector's Series | FRESHNESS - Established in 2003 | Sneakers, Toys, Shops Fashion

Overflowing crocodile mark.

How is comfortable to wear?

An arrangement like cobblestone.

It seems quite difficult to dress.

An arrangement like a net.

It seems that my eyes are drawn when I look at it staring.

Design using 8 crocodiles.

There are more crocodiles than ordinary ones, but it seems simple if you look at the above design.

These are those collaborated with Brazilian design studio Estudio Campana and Lacoste. On the official website of the designer team other works can be seen.

Fernando and Humberto Campana

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