Nokia's flagship terminal "Lumia 1020" equipped with 41 million pixel camera officially announced

Nokia's new smart phone "Lumia 1020"The announcement event was held in New York. Lumia 1020 is a smartphone with a display size of 4.5 inches, the biggest feature isEquipped with 41 million pixels (41 megapixel) cameraI am doing it.

Nokia Lumia 1020 - Windows Phone with 41 Megapixel Camera - Nokia

In a typical smartphone, the camera of the iPhone 5 has 8 million pixels (8 megapixels), and the camera of the Galaxy S4 has 16 million pixels (16 megapixels). Nikon's digital single-lens reflex cameraD800 · D800EIs 36.3 megapixels, so 41 megapixels of Lumia 1020 is abnormal level.

Main specifications are as follows.
size:71.4 mm × 10.4 mm × 130.4 mm
weight:158 g
Continuous talk time:13.3 hours
display:4.5 inches (1280 × 768 pixels, 332 ppi)
Processor:Qualcomm MSM 8960 processor Snapdragon S4 1.5 GHz dual core
memory:2 GB
storage:32GB, 64GB
camera:Rear 41 million pixels / front 1.2 million pixels
Battery capacity:2000 mAh
OS:Windows Phone 8
Others:Wi-Fi a / b / g / n, Bluetooth 3.0, A-GPS, NFC installed, compatible with wireless charging by using optional accessory cover

Neowin is doing comparison of specifications with major smartphones. The comparison target is Lumia 1020 and the previous flagship modelLumia 925, Galaxy S4, HTC One, iPhone 5.

Spec Shootout: Lumia 1020 vs Lumia 925 vs Galaxy S4 vs HTC One vs iPhone 5 - Neowin

Other models are superior in size, weight, display size etc, but the performance of the rear camera is out of the way anyway. Even at Nokia, I am well aware of this point and I am making movies to appeal that "I can take pictures like pros".

Nokia Pro Camera - Take photos like a pro - [Nokia Lumia 1020] - YouTube

A woman taking a landscape visible from a train window while moving a train

It seems to be said that it is a smartphone that you want to take a picture taking opportunity by holding it like this at any time.

Pinch in / pinch out zoom operation

Settings such as shutter speed and aperture / exposure compensation are arranged on the dial and can be changed easily

Just shut the shutter when setting is adjusted

Since the numerical value can be changed while performing the real-time preview, it can be avoided that "It was not intended to be taken when shooting."

With this, even if you do not go to "professional looking", you can shoot a good photo with the momentum that approaches it. has impressions of touching the actual machine.

Hands On With the Nokia Lumia 1020 | News & amp; Opinion |,2817,2421658,00.asp

According to this, it is similar to the conventional Lumia 900 and Lumia 920 where the camera is closer to the phone rather than the camera and the camera has a large protrusion on the back side. While the operation is generally satisfactory level, the camera application crashed and it became necessary to reboot "Is it because the firmware was old?" Is doubtful.

Performance as a camera itself is high, zoom operation is smooth. Pictures taken with 5x zoom are more beautiful than those taken without zooming with a 5 megapixel camera and flash is also better than other major smartphones. However, it takes time to fix the focus and save the photographed pictures.

The accessory "Nokia Camera Grip" that makes camera use convenient is also to be released. The price is $ 79 (about 7800 yen).

A movie that is touching various things at the presentation place is here.

Nokia Lumia 1020 PureView hands on - YouTube

The biggest problem is that "AT & T monopoly" and price setting of $ 299 (about 30,000 yen). PCMag points out that AT & T 's customers do not bother to buy a "Windows Phone - equipped camera".

The official photography example of how much level you can actually shoot is as follows.

First shoot at night, as if it was daytime
Nokia Lumia 1020 Pro lowlight

Other shooting examples are like this, and none of them is also high level. You can download the original image by clicking "Full resolution" on the clicked link destination page.

Nokia Lumia 1020 Pro highres 1

Nokia Lumia 1020 Pro highres 2

Nokia Lumia 1020 Pro highres 3

Nokia Lumia 1020 Pro highres 4

Nokia Lumia 1020 Pro highres 5

Nokia Lumia 1020 Pro highres 6

Nokia Lumia 1020 Pro highres 7

Nokia Lumia 1020 Pro highres 8

Nokia Lumia 1020 Pro highres 9

Nokia Lumia 1020 Pro highres 10

Nokia Lumia 1020 Pro highres 11

Nokia Lumia 1020 Pro highres 12

Nokia Lumia 1020 Pro highres 13

Nokia Lumia 1020 Pro highres 14

Nokia Lumia 1020 Pro highres 15

Nokia Lumia 1020 Pro highres 16

Nokia Lumia 1020 Pro highres 17

Nokia Lumia 1020 Pro highres 18

Windows Phone Central posts photos of that sensor, what kind of sensors Lumia 1020 is equipped to take so many pictures.

Inside the Nokia Lumia 1020's camera housing | Windows Phone Central

From left: Lumia 1020, Lumia 1020 camera, Lumia 720 camera.

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