[Old News] Yum developer Seth · Vidal died by hit-and-run, suspects the next day self

July 8, 2013 at around 9 o'clock While driving on the bicycle near the golf course in DurhamSeth · VidalMr. Hikari was hit and run by a car running from behind and was transported to Duke University Hospital after the accident, but death was confirmed soon. It was 36 years old. Mr. Vidal is a Linux package management systemYellowdog Updater Modified (Yum)It is a developer of the industry, sorrow is raising from the industry.

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The Fedora Project community mourns the loss of Seth Vidal

Mr. Maceo Christopher Kemp Jr, who claimed that "Vidar's hit-and-run accident happened" on July 9 the next day when Mr. Vidal's death was confirmed, he arrested himself to the Durham police station and was arrested on the same day. Christopher Kemp Jr has been accused of criminal charges of hiking and driving without permission.

Mr. Vidal distributes and supports the Linux distribution as a productRed HatAs a software engineer at Yum development, RPM series Linux distributionFedoraDevelopedFedora ProjectI was engaged in.

Operate the Fedora ProjectFedora CommunityHas issued the following statement.

The Fedora Project community mourns the loss of Seth Vidal

The Fedora Project has lost a valued, longtime member of its community. Seth Vidal died last night, July 8.

He worked tirelessly on the infrastructure for the Fedora Project to make all system work well and consistently for our contributors He was a gifted speaker, a brilliant thinker, a clever wit, a humble and genuinely funny person, and a good friend.

He said been a colleague He is been a colleague He took a colleague His seminal and invaluable work in Fedora and free software will live on for years to come, a team member, a source of wisdom and advice, and above all, a friend and inspiration to countless people in the Fedora community over the past decade. And the legacy of his spirit will stay with the community, and with many of us individually, forever.

Our thoughts are with his partner Eunice, the rest of his family, and Seth's many friends and coworkers.

The Fedora Project has lost a very important member that has long contributed. Mr. Seth · Vidal died yesterday.

Seth was the developer who leads the update of Yum and the repository system and was also a significant contributor to the CentOS project and the Fedora Extra system. Seth worked persistently to maintain the foundation so that the Fedora Project system would work. He was a natural speaker, a good idea, a wise, humble, truly funny person and a good friend.

The Fedora community has a lot of debt on Fedora of Seth and other free software projects, contribution to the value of the community and passion for his work. He was an important existence so that he could hear the word that it is indispensable to be conservative. Seth is our colleague, team member, source of wisdom and advice, more than a friend, inspiration for the countless number of Fedora community people in the past decade He gave me. A very valuable work that creates and influences creative and future in Fedora and other free software that he has engaged will continue to live for years to come. And his spirit will remain in the community and our heart forever.

Our thoughts are with Seth 's wife Eunice, the family left behind, and many of his friends and colleagues.

The conversation on Twitter Mr. Seth got to talk with the user last time was not about bicycle. When asking Ryan Tomayko wanting to know the recommended application to record the mileage etc of the bicycle, Mr. Seth said, "Do not record anything, just do not ride" retweet. When retweeting other users saying "We will not progress unless we record," Mr. Seth said that "Cycling is not a contest, but it is just a matter of having fun and ride" that was the last conversation left by Twitter It is.

In addition, Mr. Seth who came to Japan before his life has uploaded photos taken when cycling in Japan's Hidagogawa River to his own Google+ account.

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