Playing President's CNN Bokoboko Movie made Reddit Users' noisy whether CNN "threatened"

On July 5, 2017 (Tuesday), on July 5, 2017, an article on the circumstances that CNN identified in its own investigation and the words of apology by the author and authors, the author of the GIF animation "CNN is made a bogoboko" Published. CNN in this article wrote that "CNN has the right to announce his identity when something happened," CNN says, "I am an idiot for amateur satirists. We are intimidating that we will expose them, "he said.

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The tweet that became the source of the trouble is a movie tweeted from President Trump 's official account on July 2 (Sunday) 2017 local time. It was the content that the person to whom the "CNN" logo standing on the ring side was affixed to President Trump.

In response to this post CNN criticized as "a sad day when President encouraged violence against reporters", instead of preparing for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir and tackling issues such as North Korea issues and medical insurance bills, I wasting time on "childish behavior that greatly impairs the quality of the presidential office".

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And CNN reported news that July 5, 2017 (Tue) local time identified the author of GIF animation which became the origin of this movie by its own investigation.

How CNN found the Reddit user behind the Trump wrestling GIF -

CNN stated in the article that the research team called KFile identified the Reddit user "HanA ** holeSolo" as the author of GIF animation. HanA ** holeSolo was a person who shared President Trump 's GIF animation on Reddit on June 28 (Wednesday), and was also posting other racial posts. When Kfile compares the profile of Reddit and Facebook and identifies himself and contacts him, he apologized immediately.

According to CNN, HanA ** holeSolo does not respond to e-mails or phone calls, but posts an apology to the community "The_Donald" and deleted all past postings. In an apology submission, I made a contribution by causing a commotion not to happen on Reddit, involving members, I thought that I would like to get a response from Reddit members, not Ray Cist as reported in the media It was said that there was no meaning of Hate.

This post was deleted by the community administrator, but after that, HanA ** holeSolo contacted CNN, CNN confirmed the identity. At this time, CNN spoke that HanA ** holeSolo seemed to be worried that his identity was revealed, that dangers would rise and that myself and family members would complain of public bullying I will.

As a result of this process, in CNN's article, HanA ** holeSolo was hidden from real reason because it is "an ordinary citizen". But on the other hand, "CNN has the right to publicize his identity when something happened."

This one sentence was criticized as "CNN is threatening him with identity by behavior", and CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski said on Twitter, "This sentence is misleading. It means that we did not make a special arrangements with him about his identity. "

"CNN has decided not to reveal his identity," CNN is threatening "is not true."

Furthermore, I have posted that HanA ** holeSolo has informed by telephone that "I agree with not being threatened."

However, news mediaVoxGerman Lopez, a reporter from the company, said, "This means that we do not post pleases we do not like, or we will expose otherwise," he said.

WikiLeaks also said, "Although playing cards is bad, CNN is even worse, CNN's comments that CNN is threatening amateur satirists who were behind the cards in the cards" If we then make us stupid " Introducing.

Kim Dotcom, a founder of the online storage service "MEGA", who is active in many fields now has created a movie in which CNN is knocked down by President Cardinals in every way and submitted it to Twitter. The movie has about 33,000 retweets at the time of article creation and 48,000 dealings good.

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