What is Pixar's in-house listening from the staff of Monsters University?

Published on July 6, 2013Monsters University"Box office income for the first two weekend is 8,455,110,000 yen showing a pretty good start and 11 years have passed since Monsters Inc. was launched but it is still accepted by a wide generation It seems to be. About Pixar · animation · studio which continues to send out such hits every time a movie interviewed with the production staff of Monsters University has been released on YouTube.

On The Verge: inside Pixar Animation Studios with Monsters University - YouTube

Go through the gate of Monsters University and go inside Pixar · Animation Studio.

Jason Deamer, Character, Animation and Director of Monsters University, is also a member of Monsters Inc.Mob CharacterI worked on designing. Mr. Deamer said that at this Monsters University, he created so many Mob Characters and tried to make the work world full of monsters.

There are a lot of Mobu characters written with motifs such as FUNGUS (fungi) and SLUG (slug).

These mob characters are playing a part in shaping Monsters University's view of the world.

According to Ricky Nierva, who worked with Mr. Deamer on Moving Character Design of Monsters University, in Pixar's animation production, the design of the Mob Character is usually done in the process much later in the manufacturing process. However, Monsters University seems to have taken the approach of designing a Moving character in the early days of movie production and then assembling the story. By designing the mob character in the first place, it is said that the character influenced the story making.

This is "The Steve Jobs Building" naming the memorial of Steve Jobs who was Pixar's chairman

"The Steave Jobs Building" The inside looks like this.

In the office, designers drawn and drawn when the designers inventing the characters are decorated.

Kelsey Mann, a story supervisor who had been working for 10 years in the animation world before working at Pixar, said, "I had to go through various places in 10 years, but since I started working in Pixar, I will not move I work in the same place all the time, Pixar's working environment can concentrate on work, and when it gets stuck with ideas it is a place to create new ideas. "

Kori Rae producer of Monsters University is particularly praised by John Lasseter, Mr. Pixar's Chief Creative Officer and Executive Producer of Monsters University. According to Rae producer, Mr. Lasseter continues to make a new feature animation movie every four to five years, and also has created three short animations in only three years in 2012 alone. There are several reasons to handle so many works in a short period of time, one seems to have Lasseter 's thought that they want employees to have a lot of work and stay in Pixar for as long as possible. Since employees work for Pixar for a long time, it is possible to create several movies in a short period of time, and to send hit works one after another in the world.

Actually, it is not uncommon for Pixar employees to work for 10 or 20 years. Pixar seems to be transferring to a different department in order to let employees challenge various things, but it is also a pleasure for employees.

In the office of Pixar where employees work, the characters of Toy Story made with Lego ... ...

Presented at the Academy Award winningOscar statueIt is decorated.

Pixar is planning to create as many as six animations from 2013 to 2019, "Since Pixar has established his own animation style, it is possible to create many works in a short period of time" Rae says. Also, the fact that the same employee has worked for a long time also affects the consistency of the quality of the Pixar work.

According to Mr. Dan Scanlon, director of Monsters University, the attitude of creating Pixar's uncompromising animation is the secret of Pixar's movie production, for example, "Stop animation in progress and recreate from the beginning If there is something in the movie, everyone tackles the problem and does not give up until the problem is solved.If inviting such a situation as to delay the release date, the problem is left intact We will not compromise anything like that. "

In addition, the original trailer of "Monsters University" released on July 6, 2013 can be confirmed from the following movie.

"Monsters University" Original Trailer - YouTube

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