It turned out that terrorists are not using services that PRISM monitors

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It was developed as countermeasures against terrorists since 9.11PRISMA monitoring system like: Gmail, Skype, iCloud and other major platform information on the webNo warrant or corporate consentYou can browse to. However, we found that terrorists who are targeting organizations like NSA are using few services like those monitored by PRISM.

Sorry, NSA, Terrorists Do not Use Verizon. Or Skype. Or Gmail. | Motherboard

PRISM accesses servers of major Internet companies operating services like Skype, Gmail, iCloud in the US, but truly dangerous terrorists do not often use these services.

It is famous that wiretapping without warrants etc has been done since 9.11,Ministry of Homeland SecurityIt is also well known that carefully investigating danger words on e-mails. It is natural for terrorists to take precautionary measures against them.

BySteve Rhodes

It was issued in 2012"The birthplace of contemporary Jihad"In the report saying that the Dutch Information Security Department predicted the core forum on the web where Muslims gather.

These websites are located deep inside the Internet, and it seems that they can not be searched with many search engines. In 2010Google made searchable 0.004% on the InternetAs you can guess, most of the web is an area that can not be found in search engines, and such places are suitable for exchanging confidential information and dangerous content.


If monitoring of personal information supposed to be a countermeasure against terrorists does not make sense, what on earth is the NSA monitoring?

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