Facebook announces that it has changed the policy that has been recognized 'white nationalism' and that it is prohibited as discrimination



Facebook has announced that postings based on ' white nationalism ' and ' white separatism ' are prohibited as discriminatory posts. Posting such content as 'I am proud of being a race of whites' and 'Whites should live separately with immigrants' on Facebook and a group of Instagram in the future, it will be discriminatory It will be deleted because it is a post.

Standing Against Hate | Facebook Newsroom

Facebook Bans White Nationalism and White Separatism-Motherboard

◆ The reason why Facebook banned 'white nationalism' and 'white separatism'
So far, Facebook has banned ' white supremacy ' that ' whites are better than colored people ' as discriminatory but ' white nationalism ' or 'whites' that 'whites are races' ' Separating Caucasianism ' has not been banned, thinking it should live apart from other races. These are part of the identity as well as relatively moderate nationalism and American national love, like ' Basque nationalism ' where Basque people across France and Spain identify themselves as Basques Because it was considered. However, after three months of discussions with sociologists and racial experts from around the world, 'White Nationalism' and 'White Separatism' are also fundamentally the same as 'White Supremacy'. The conclusion was reached. When Brian Fishman, director of anti-terrorism measures on Facebook, told Motherboard a phone call, 'We believe that white nationalism and white separatism are no different than white supremacy, and we support these in the future. It is not acceptable to praise them. '

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◆ Concrete measures
From now on, Facebook will use machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect and delete images and content related to 'white nationalism' and 'white separatism', which will be used to highlight terrorists such as ISIL and al Qaeda. Seems to be the same as the Also, when searching with discriminatory words, the search results will turn into contacts for non-profit organizations that help those who are out of white supremacy. Facebook has stated that 'it has made great strides since we started using it in the fall of 2018, but there are still many issues to be addressed', and we will continue to strengthen anti-discrimination measures through technological improvements and system enhancements. Clarify the policy of promoting

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