Twitter starts advertisement based on user's browsing history etc.

ByNick Olejniczak

We announced that Twitter will start posting advertisements based on the history of the user's web browsing newly because the type of advertisement is restricted to those that suited the user's preference and it will be a more user friendly service.

Experimenting with new ways to tailor ads | Twitter Blog

According to the Twitter official blog, "For example, when a flower shop wants to promote special flowers on Twitter on Valentine's Day, they want to advertise to flower lovers like visiting a website or reading newsletters In order to enable such services, it is possible that shops share e-mail addresses handled uncryptically and information related to the browser (such as browser cookie ID) with Twitter, In order to display the advertisement on Valentine's Day, we will match those information with the account, which is how many companies are practicing and we will not provide any information to the advertiser to the advertiser. " At this time, the privacy option is given to the user and by removing the check next to "advertisement contents" appearing in the account setting, in order not to match your account information with the information shared by Twitter and the advertiser It is also possible to do.


TwitterDo Not Track (DNT)If it corresponds to the header and the user has enabled DNT in the browser setting, it is said that the advertiser does not receive the information related to the user's browser, but if the back side is returned, the DNT header is not validated As long as browsing history is used for advertisements, it can be read as well.

Twitter has not been tracking the use of the Internet so far, but we changed the privacy policy in 2012,Recommended users are customized based on website browsing historyIt was also announced. Meanwhile, Facebook is already tracking usage of users on the Internet, and as privacy is violated against itIt is asked for compensation of 15 billion dollars (about 1.5 trillion yen)That is happening.


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