I went to the 'Owl's Shop Osaka Store' where you can touch the owl to your heart 's content

Talk with catsCat CafeIf you are a cat lover, you will want to attend as a daily healing but you can watch the owl, not the cat, owl, put it on your shoulder, or see it to your heart's content "Owl's Shoes". It is said that there is a shop in Osaka besides the head office Tsukishima, so I went and actually touched the owl.

Owl's Shop Osaka store's blog

The store was opened from 11 o'clock, but before the store opened already a row was made.

The owl in the shop seems to be on sale, and the picture of the owls was also stuck outside the store.

It was 11 o'clock and it opened. When entering the shop, the owl space and the cafe space were separated by the partition.

Owls who are stuck in a green stand slightly separated into sizes.

The table seats look like this.

There was a menu of soft drinks and alcohol on the table. In addition, the shop is 1 hour 1 drink, 1 hour replacement system. Even in the case of additional orders, if the inside of the store was busy, we are asking for closing in one hour.

Notes on the back side. Be sure to turn off the flash, bring the face closer to the face, etc. than the photo is necessarily NG, and care must be taken in the place to touch.

I also found a bottle for alcohol disinfection on the table.

Before touching the owl, spray the alcohol with a shuffle.

Before actually touching the owl you will receive an explanation of notes etc. from the clerk. In addition, at this time people in the store came to a cafe in a relaxed way, rather than waiting for a dolphin show.

The time limit you can play with an owl is one hour, so when the touching time starts, people get around the stands and the owl can not be seen in the blink of an eye in an instant.

I will go to see the baby owls next to the owls that will come in contact. I do not touch the owls here, but it is possible to take pictures.

It's almost like an owl like Sphinx, but this girl is two months old. It is about the size of a big cat.

In the upper stage there is a baby owl that puts a face down and can sleep.

This owl which is not partitioned by vinyl is also a baby.

After enjoying the baby owl, returning to the touching space, photography society was held everywhere.

Owls are grouped by size, this is the smallest size group owl.

I am mulling hair.


When touching, touch only the head and the back, and be careful not to touch the neck and feet.

With such a feeling, it is also possible to put an owl on your fingers with the help of a clerk.

Grasp the strap firmly so that the owl will not fly away.

I do not dislike being sweet, but a proof of my dear.

There are times when it is thought that ... .... It is badly bitten and really hated. I got a bite mark on the finger for a moment.

It is also possible to put a big owl in her arms.

Because big owls are strong, touch gloves on hands.

The customers who enjoy touching with the owl each.

Meanwhile, the cafe space is unmanned.

The drinks that were neglected neglected.

Owl can be placed on shoulder OK.

You can not touch your stomach, but if you put it on your shoulder, a warm tummy will hit your head and you will be able to enjoy the moofy feel.

The clerk is going to get on and off the shoulder, but at that time I spread the big wings and it was impressive.

Owl that climbs head.

The big owl and small owl are different from the feel of the back, the big owl is very smooth compared to the small owl which Mohumov evolved.

At 5 minutes before the end time, the guests will return to the cafe space. The figure of a person who drinks a drink in haste at this time is also.

There is an exhibition space of owl goods on the wall of the shop.

Everything became goods that sticks to the owl and passion.

Open from 13 to 22 o'clock of fire to gold, 11 o'clock to 22 o'clock of the soil, 11 o'clock to 20 o'clock on Sundays and public holidays. If you like an owl it was definitely healed in the form of cute owls and it became a shop where you wanted to pass through unexpectedly even people who do not know about owls.

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