A chimpanzee that makes a tiger's baby drink milk, a situation like a mumbling party

sometimes,It seems that different kinds of animals are getting along with each otherAlthough it sometimes seems to be listed below, it is quite unusual movie that chimpanzees are letting a tiger baby drink milk.

Monkey feeds baby tiger - YouTube

The name of the chimpanzee whose eyes are shining brilliantly becomes "2 years old" Do Do ".

I am drinking milk from a milk bottle as if it is done by a human as a baby "Aorn" of a baby born two months.

Continue to drink with goobigguigbi without any resistance.

I feel that motherhood can be felt from Do Do staring at the state with a gentle look.

Do you care that the nipple of the milk bottle was crushed? Do Do.

Aorn has a relieved look as if milk is being drunk from a real mother.

The hand accompanying Aorn's body is also calm.

Because it is an event in the zoo, so do not be afraid of visiting guests etc, or scenes looking to the surroundings.

Looking from afar, it is like this.

The scene changed, two chasing after the beginning started.

Two playfully playing friends with lightly engaging. It is a really peaceful sight.

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