12 reasons why you should not do several tasks simultaneously

ByRyan Ritchie

While walking while touching a cell phone, e-mail while doing work, calling while cooking, etc., doing some work at the same time is called multitasking, and if you can do multi task you feel like working efficiently , Health information is deliveredHealthThat multi-tasks are accompanied by various dangers "12 reasons why you should not do multitasking"We publish it as.

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◆ 01: In fact, multitasking is not possible


According to psychologist Guy Winchi, when working on one human brain, except for reflexive work such as chewing gum, a space for another work There are almost no leftover. Also, switching productivity seems to reduce productivity.

◆ 02: Decrease of working speed

ByNicholas B.

Presentation by the University of UtahAccording to the case of driving while talking on a cellular phone and when driving without doing anything, the latter seems to be attached to the destination more quickly, and as a result, multitasking will result in a reduction in working speed And that.

◆ 03: Multitasking triggers mistakes

ByMichael Coghlan

While working on switching some workProductivity drop by 40%Moreover, the probability of making a mistake also rises.University of Rochester Medical CenterMr. Mark · maeston says that it is impossible to accomplish more than one work at the same time without mistakes.

◆ 04: Stress tends to accumulate

ByGiuseppe Savo

A study of the University of California at IrvineAccording to the workers checking e-mail during work, the brain has to keep the antenna tight, the state of being nervous always continues, it seems that the stress tends to accumulate easily.

◆ 05: I can not see the surroundings

ByMelanie Hayes

Western Washington University75% of the students going to school while talking on a mobile phone go through without noticing the person who is following a unicycle with the appearance of a clown that would normally be noticedInvestigation resultHas been announced, multitasking will drop attention to the surroundings.

◆ 06: The memory capacity of short term declines


A study at the University of California, San FranciscoAccording to people, the more people a year, the harder it is to recall what job they were doing when they returned to work they were working on from the job they are working on, It has been found that brings harm to the memory power of.

◆ 07: I break human relations

ByThe JoshMeister

Essex University studies have found that there is a possibility of losing trust by causing friction between two people even if one of them is talking with one, even if either one has a mobile phone I will.

◆ 08: It will cause too much overeating


If you do multitasking such as watching television or PC during meal, you will not be able to determine what the brain is eating, the sense of satiety will be diminished, it seems that there is a tendency to eat again after a while.

◆ 09: Those who think they can do multi tasks are dangerous

ByAbhisek Sarda

Utah university will ask people who think high multitasking abilities will drive while talking on mobile phoneExperimentAs a result, it was said that the person who gave a good result was not. Also, frequently asking people driving while talking on mobile phones received a test to measure the multitasking ability, the lowest evaluation was given in the test results.

◆ 10: Declining creativity

ByDavide Restivo

A researcher at the University of Illinois at Chicago, with multitasking involves a tremendous concentration, so that the brain can not rest and that it will be difficult to come up with ideaspaperHas been announced.

◆ 11: OHIO can not be done

By1llustr4t0r. Com

Many psychiatrists often teach not only the patient but also the general public "Once you start working, do not quit until you complete (OHIO: Only Handle It Once)With multitasking, OHIO can not be executed. OHIO to finish the work one at a time OH than the multitask which does more than two work at once, the work time will be shortened as a result.

◆ 12: Even walking while touching the phone is dangerous


If you cross the road while touching the phone you will forget to check the left and rightInvestigation resultIn addition, one out of five juvenile victims hit by a car on the road was operating a smartphone when an accident occurredAnother investigationIt is proved by.

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