Ultra compact mobile phone "5.5 mm thin" with a credit card size "Micro-Phone"

It is very compact and thin enough to enter into a wallet, it is suitable for carrying, the battery lasts long, and with a special application loaded version, a cell phone that can even search for acquaintance's location information is "Micro-Phone"is.

Micro-Phone - The Tiny Mobile Device With A Big Idea. | Indiegogo

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The Micro-Phone is just 5.5 mm thin, the vertical and horizontal dimensions are the same size as the credit card and 85 mm wide and 54 mm wide. It is designed to weigh less than 40 grams and you can take it anywhere with ease.

Size like this when you actually have it in hand.

There are many scenes that are useful if you have emergency situations, mobile phones to take for traveling, children's possessions, sized mobile phones that go into wallets or handbags.

Battery loaded with 21 days.

In the Locator function addition version, you can quickly and easily check the location information of the Micro-Phone using the application "Locate Me", so you can easily grasp where your children, lover, friends are.

With the Locator function, triangulation is carried out using a mobile base station in order to grasp the precise position of the Micro-Phone and the position is specified.

This Micro-PhoneIndiegogoIt is already in the process of seeking investment in the logic board part and the production process has already been completed and the operation check has already been completed.

Mini USB is used for charging.

The Micro-Phone works with any GSM SIM card and can be used in multiple frequency bands. By the way GSM is not used in Japan so it can not be used in Japan.

This very thin Micro-Phone is created by companies in Australia and China.

As for the investment amount, it is $ 49 (about 4900 yen) and it is Micro-Phone alone, $ 79 (about 7800 yen) and 1 set of Micro-Phone with Locator function.

As a schedule, when the initial goal of 50,000 dollars (about 4.99 million yen) gathers, since the molds and other tools are available, a go-ahead will be given to the manufacturing and if 100,000 dollars (about 998 thousand yen) gather, Bluetooth The function is added, Micro - Phone will gradually upgrade as more money is gathered as soon as 150,000 dollars (approx.

The deadline is 11:59 pm on Saturday, June 29 in local time.

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