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It will be screened at 16 nationwide from June 15 (Saturday)Space Battleship Yamato 2199 6th chapter reached! Large Magellan'S promotion video has been released on YouTube. While Yamato suffered from the fight against Gamiras, it reached the large Magellan galaxy with Iskandar, but the one that awaited there was a fleet of the general of the Japanese fighter who aims at honor recovering. The stage is a difficult point of the universe "Seven Colors Star cluster", which is expected more than the battle that I have seen so far.

"Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Chapter 6 Reached! Large Magellan "Short Verison Promo · Video - YouTube

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Fair degree of freedom is very high Free software that can synchronize and back up "PureSync" - GIGAZINE

I measured the actual with the world's first smartphone "PANTONE 5 107SH" with radiation measurement function - GIGAZINE

Let's see how big the influence of Nokia is with the penetration rate of Windows Phone 7 - GIGAZINE

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A mysterious man "man" that appears all over the world does not leave my head: Untitled document

The information terminal "Bloomberg Professional Service" that transmits economic and financial information of the world has caught up to twitter of the market participants: market situation kabu full force 2 stories

VIPPER me: Anga Tanaka "Momo - MS in the Commonwealth is a monster!"

Sha na J [Image] Italian football match seizure www www

42: Wind blowing if nothing: 2013/05/29 (Wed) 12: 54: 01.27 ID: UlWhWoZA
Why did you call Gangnam style before this game in this atmosphere?

AKB's new songs Goodbye Crawl is sold at 1 yen on Amazon wwwww :: Nomu Speed ​​| 2 Channels Summary Blog

8: Anonymous wanted. . . 2013/05/29 (Wednesday) 03: 06: 51.49 i
It is a great thing not to throw away like a big-looking chocolate

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Kanto Koshin region is the third earliest rainy season (May 29, 2013) - Nikkan Forecast - Japan Weather Association tenki.jp

News - Science & Space - a clever tactic of Shigella preventing cell death - National Geographic Official Japanese Site (Nasojio)

Those who are not good at different mathematics, those who are good at "good way of thinking": Nihon Keizai Shimbun

First confirmed case of bird flu, "Tamiflu" not effective - in China - Bloomberg

Everyday in a biological laboratory: Is the number of papers from Japan decreasing?

Will you hack your oral flora to prevent tooth decay - Cicada colon

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Asahi Shimbun Digital: "False alarm" claims "Difference in perception" Mr. Hashimoto spoken of comfort women - Politics

Toru Hashigashita Osaka Mayor's foreign press conference, "Yoshimi Yoshiaki" was a forger's handwriting - a diary of Hokke wolf

Asahi Shimbun Digital: Liberal Democratic Party, Watami Chairperson To the House of Council Proportional District - Politics

Current affairs dot com: protruding cutter to suspect = prosecutor by interrogation, consideration of charges - saga

Suntory Food, Listing Approved on 29th 500 Billion yen Procurement: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Asahi Shimbun Digital: misunderstood by funeral, bereaved families sued funeral corporation successive in the whole country - society

People Who Tades as Business Managers Involve in Policy - Natsukishima Diary

Request investigator to investigate the ex-wife's address Investigation of female stabbing in Kanagawa - MSN Sankei news

Asahi Newspaper Digital: a motorcycle and a car collided, one person was killed on the sidewalk NHK Ann's serious injury - Society

Kobe Electric Railway: Train derailed to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Survey near Mita Arimori station - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

【Japan's nuclear terrorism plan】 Kim Jong Il "Keeping Japan out of people" + (1 / 2page) - MSN Sankei News

Current affairs dot com: submit a draft revision of child pornography = self-maintenance

What is the problem of 'Child pornography prohibition law revision bill' which also takes "Manga / animation" into view? Lawyer Dot Com Topics

Asahi Shimbun Digital: Webcasting obscene images as a net contributor Asahi Shimbun Documents for employees - Society

"This country is decaying" Seven people in Chongqing City, also arrested directly on US presidential aide visiting - MSN Sankei News

Osaka mayor Mayor Hashizaka: abandoned visit to the United States "cancellation fee due to public expenses" stated "Self owned species, why" - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

Members of Shinoyama Kishin, who also neglected everyone neglected remarks - memorandum † Higuchi Higuchi

Column: European version shale gas revolution, German beer to barriers | Column | Reuters

Formal decision to prohibit Monju operation restart June in the crash zone surveillance regulatory committee - MSN Sankei News

"Suicide is easier", Katayama suspects a remote control incident, in the courtroom - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

On suspects' accusations in incident reporting about what to look for with Apologies! - Apes! Not Monkeys! Main building

Akiba's job quality, illegal and accredited city ordered liability of 50,000 yen Tokyo District Court - MSN Sankei News

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Headquarters building company's image threading thread: Kini speed

Japan's agricultural technology is internationally low | Food Watch Japan

From other people's point of view, thirteen things that seems to be strange for Americans: Far Eastern blog

Young people have no money. : Hachinana / Hachihachi

【Criminals need human rights? 】 Pick up the face photograph of the shoplifter shop inside the store Now is the fresh fish store in Osaka, the human rights problem? - Mix news bulletin

Importance of English noticed by doing internship at startup - in case of an active college student engineer | ShareWis Blog

Although it is a dried female, I was confessed from a joken of handsome:

Domestica Board Summary Blog: 【Small Neta】 Dirty Vertical Pon Bento

Episodes that do not understand for women who can understand only "car lovers"

I'm too scared to search for "missing people" Walloeni ... Blunt speed - VIP

21-year-old girlfriend had a barbecue, should you break up? - I do!

"Request, Gurism!" How to do a university in the United States | From the laboratory of Stanford | Toyo economic online | Business site for a new generation leader

How to write "It is enough" - Asp diary

Germany that I can not like by all means, Hamburg The world's most beautiful city's biggest stain, the red-light district and the prostitute

D51 at Hitotsubashi Line "Mountain Line" Requesting to Restart Operation Signature Activity: Kumamoto: Region: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

"Fishing Holes" Kashima Konan Breakwater Impressive Person After Ibaraki + (1 / 2page) - MSN Sankei News

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Imoto's WiFi did it, the first record of my card information leakage experience. More Access! More Fun!

Imoto's WiFi Excom global, security code with personal information large outflow summary | More Access! More Fun!

Amazon Web Services Blog: 【AWS announcement】 AWS IAM supports Amazon, Facebook, Google ID collaboration

Administration changes with NHK NEWS WEB open data

A high school student and an engineer of Dwango! Is it? Meeting programming at the age of 14 that changed the life of Yuzo Yamanaka. │ CAREER HACK

PeaTiX Mobile Enhancement! Ticket purchase & event management possible from smartphone application! | PeaTiX Blog | Event success technique! ? Planning x Administration x Ticket x How to use social media?

Let's use throw Life - Volley (Android's HTTP communication library)

Remember The Milk Japan official blog »Remember The Milk will manage Evernote's reminder

Bovines and elephants are now able to play together!

Registering an account on private list will inform the other party that you registered - Togetter

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Light novel whose content was bluntly destroyed

Reason why I did not go to Vocaloid · Opera "THE END" - Thinking note

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Asahi Shimbun Digital: First New African Continent Wisdom Promotion of the Great Sand Storm Promotion - Sports

Violence depiction replaces sex scenes, new movie trends International News: AFPBB News

【Emergency invitation】 Please do a lot of images of Mr. Arai! It is! It is! It is! : : There was pleasure to put together myself J

Natural grass stadium, management too much Warota wwwwwwwww: What J Bomber

What? J PRIDE: 【Baseball】 What are the benefits of natural turf?

160: Wind blowing if nothing 2013/05/28 09: 26: 08 ID: Hd + DEZH 8
Nagodo and Sapporo, as well as fluent artificial turf & immediately concrete are bad for your knees
Long pile artificial turf & recently trendy roadbed of rubber chips also
On the contrary, it's too soft to bear the knees

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(PDF file)Using white sesame plenty curry sauce "Nan · Curry Dog" seasonal limited release ~ Summer popular classic "Nan · tacos" also released at the same time ~ (204 KB)

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