Surreal play that clears Maji Love 1000% with immovable pose breaks 100,000

A completely new dance game that reads the motion of the whole body with a sensor camera "DanceEvolution ARCADEAt TV anime "Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000%Main theme of "Maji Love 1000%"It is supposed to be for beginners, clearing without moving the body in immovable pose, but the movie which recorded extraordinary play for experts has finally broke through 100,000 play on YouTube.

The cabinet looks something like this, it detects the movement with the sensor at the top.

Positionally down to the mat on the floor, dancing specifications.

After that, while watching the screen, it is ok if you move by touching the position of the marker, but this is possible to realize immovable play indeed.

So, if the marker can be touched properly OK.

First of all, "Maji Love 1000%" shown on the display has the following feeling and it is the original play to dance according to this.

"Maji Love 1000%" MASTER DanceEvolutionAC - YouTube

It will be like this if you dance normally.

【Hamamatsu Danjevo Department】 Maji Love 1000% 【Ren】 - YouTube

However, if you push too much for the immovable pose, the above play will be like the following. In a sense, if you look at the last end (roughly 1 minute 30 seconds), in a way, I was able to convince you of this person's feeling, "I guess that this is certainly enough for this person There is only a thing that makes me think it is "I do not have it."

Recommended for Dan Evo beginners? Maji LOVE 1000% is immovable and played with a rumorous pose capable of full control - YouTube

According to the commentary, "There is a position where the angle of the left hand, the height of the posture of a slightly hip grip, the right hand is a position to take judgment on either the diagonally right front or the diagonally left front", but this position It is just a sensitivity to the mental power that can be executed squirrely in front of the public circle & gallery.

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