Continuation of legendary shooting "Angry Princess Bees Great Resurrection" Playable Movie

I chose a new page in the history of that shooting "Stupid angelic bees greatly strangledContinuation of "Angry Princess Bees Great Resurrection"Was playable exhibited at AOU 2008, so I took a movie shoot. What on earth is it like finish?

Playback is from the following.
■ Angry Princess Bees Great Resurrection Playable Movie Part 1

■ Angry Princess Bees Great Resurrection Playable Movie Part 2

There was a cosplayer, motivated and full of

This is the triad base corner


Dodonpa chicken plump

The operation method is like this

You can get this 'Angry Princess Bees Great Resurrection Flash Plate' when you play

Distributed leaflet

This is one ......

So, I will try to play once and seek the last tail of the row

How many people do you have ...... It is level that attention is not ordinary

Actual play situation

In addition, I asked if there was anyone who could interview someone in the staff, but I heard that today is not coming. "We will keep posting up-to-date information from time to time, so please look forward to it!"

In addition, the mysterious angry head of the beard great resurrection head is flowing "udonpachi ♪", it is just a brainwashing song condition. It is probably rubbed in while lining up to play the test stand, it is inevitable to heavy rotate in the brain endlessly ... ....

· Continued
"Angry Princess Bees Great Resurrection" & Cave's Mystery Dancing Movie Collection - GIGAZINE

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