"Angry Princess Bees Great Resurrection" & Cave's Mystery Dancing Movie Collection

AOU 2008, today is the general entry day. And at the 15th stage I was able to overwhelm others "Angry Princess Bees Great Resurrection"We are exhibiting"Cave"Booth. I was overwhelmed with other booths, dancing while sounding a banging sound to see what was stolen.

Because it was so impressive, please enjoy it with other "Angry Princess bees big revival" movies and images.

Playback is from the following.
■ Angry head Bee Head

■ Overall samba

■ Cave crazy mode 01

■ Cave Insanity Mode 02

■ Although I wanted to say that it was a hard work ...

In addition, since the state of this crazy event is also reported by Cave itself, it seems that it will be more difficult to grasp the actual situation if you read it together.

AOU 2008 Amusement / Expo Cave Exhibition Information: ■ AOU Show Today's opening! We will deliver a report on the first day!

We will continue to hold on Saturday, 16th. The schedule is as follows.

In addition, I will add movies and images of "Angry Princess Beast Revival". Good luck.

■ Angry Princess Bees Great Resurrection 01

■ Angry Princess Bees Great Revival 02

■ Angry Princess Bees Great Revival 03

■ Angry Princess Bees Great Revival 04

■ Angry Princess Bees Great Revival 05

Actual play images Various

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