Microsoft announces "Xbox One" as the new generation Xbox, to be released within 2013

It was held on May 22Microsoft's new generation Xbox recitalIn the name of the new game machine is "Xbox One (XBOX ONE)It was announced that it was.Release date scheduled for 2013It is said that it is.

Xbox, A New Generation Revealed -

Xbox One seems to be like this hard.

Yusuf Mehdi on the stage

This is the new home screen

Watching TV

While watching a movie, display a menu on the right side of the screen

It is also possible to use Skype here

There is an explanation of spec from Marc Whitten.

8 core CPU, system memory 8GB, 500GB HDD, Blu-ray drive, Wi-Fi (802.11n), HDMI input / output, USB 3.0, etc.

"The new Xbox soul is on the Xbox One architecture", it seems that they are carrying out multitasking with Xbox architecture and Windows and making rapid switching. The processing speed is 2 gigabits per second.

Kinect enclosed is to be able to capture video at 1080p, the new model.

Controllers are similar in appearance, but the contents are completely new

The new Xbox LIVE is designed for Xbox One and membership can be used continuously, but there is no compatibility with game software for 360. The number of servers that support LIVE was originally 500 units, but now it is 15,000 units and will be increased to 300,000 units this year.

Andrew Wilson of EA Sports has appeared, titled "FIFA 14" "Madden 25" "NBA Live 14" "UFC"

FIFA 14 has exclusive download content.

Subsequently, Phil Spencer of Microsoft Studios

First of all we introduced "Forza Motorsport 5"


There are 15 other exclusive titles in addition to this

It appeared following Nancy Teller

I called Mr. Bonnie Ross for "I will tell you about Halo"

As a special guest, the image from Spielberg ... ...

It is said that Halo will be converted into a TV series.

"Participation with NFL concludes" Change game "

Xbox One will be released all over the world during this yearPlanned to be

Eric Hirshberg appeared as the last speaker today.

The announcement title is "Call of Duty GHOSTS"

The production site looks something like this

Compared with the previous work, the graphics are getting bigger compared to the past so far

For example, in the case of a dog

It will look like this in the latest work CoD GHOSTS

The detail of the hand ......

To the feeling that scratching pain is coming


Finally tighten with the first show movie of "Call of Duty GHOSTS".

Further information on Xbox One and its software will be announced at E3 after 19 days.

Xbox One that approached "home appliances" significantly compared to Xbox 360, such as "TV can be seen by all living room all in one device". If you are watching TV in Japan as well as overseas, you may be able to fight PS3 and PS4 as well.

By the way, Xbox is "× box(Lotto Tuba) ", Xbox 360" 360 (Mr. / Mr. Saburou) ""Hakozaburo"A boxAlthough there are things called called "Komari", Xbox One likewise has "Box 1 (Hakoichi)", "Box One" (bow) "," Batuichi (from X and One) " It seems that the name is attached.

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