"Windcatcher" which can insert air into an air mattress or air pillow 10 to 15 times faster

An inconvenient point of the existing air control valve, for example, it requires considerable effort to blow in, it is hard for air to escape, and unsanitary ... ... was solved as "Windcatcher"is. It is possible to put air at overwhelming speed.

Windcatcher: Inflates in seconds with NO power or pumping by Ryan Frayne - Kickstarter

Amazing Air Pad Inflates in Seconds w / NO power or pumping - YouTube

To inflate a regular air mat, it takes considerable effort.

It is troublesome to pull out the air.

Because the mat is used by putting it on the ground and the floor, the part breathing in is not good hygienically.

The developer, Ryan Frein, solved the inconvenience of existing air control valves with Windcatcher.

It's a normal air pillow and breathed in many times ......

Finally completed.

Next I will inflate the air pillow with Windcatcher. Once you breath in ... ...

It fills up with air at once.

You can use it as soon as you close your mouth.

This revolutionary air control valve mechanism is scientifically designed, and the characteristics of two characteristics of air, the fast moving air is lower in air pressure than the slow moving air, and the high atmospheric pressure Of the air is drawn towards the air with low air pressure.

When taking advantage of the characteristics of these two airs and breathing in to Windcatcher, the inspired breath becomes faster than the surrounding air and becomes air with low air pressure, and it draws to the breath flow blown in by the high air pressure around us , It means that Windcatcher can take in all the air, it will be possible to capture 10 to 15 times the amount of air from the lungs.

Let's see how easy it can be inflated with the air mattress "Air Pad" actually with Windcatcher.

Put air in the Air Pad.

Just breathing in here.

Just blowing out only 5 times, enough amount of air entered the mat.

You can use it as soon as you close your mouth. There is no need to put the mouth somewhere, so there is no worry that your mouth will get dirty.

Shrinkage performance when removing air is also very excellent thing. A one way valve is used to prevent air from flowing backward, but it seems that it has been made into a thing excellent also in shrinkage performance by providing a loophole for discharging air to parts other than this one way valve.

Through the stopper ......

Because it collapses naturally, cleanup is good.

Air Pad works as an outdoor mattress and indoor cushion replacement. The size when inflated is 50.8 cm in width, 1.8 m in length, about 8.3 cm in thickness. When air is extracted and folded, it is about 23 cm in length, about 8.9 cm in width, and weighs about 680 g.

Even though it is used overnight, it is one of the features of Windcatcher that air leakage is low.

The demonstration movies actually inflating and folding Air Pad are from the following.

Windcatcher Air Pad Demo - Inflation and Deflation from start to finish - YouTube

In this movie you can see examples of using Air BAG.

The Windcatcher Air BAG - YouTube

Products with Windcatcher include "Air BAG" and "Air Pad", one Air BAG with an investment of $ 40 (approximately 4100 yen), one Air Pad with a contribution of $ 80 (about 8200 yen) , You get one Air BAG and Air Pad by equity investment of 99 dollars (about 10,000 yen).

This WindcatcherKickstarterWe are seeking investment above, the deadline is Japan time on June 13th (Thursday) at 20:32 pm.

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