How did the 17-year-old girl win in Hackathon?


HackathonIs a coined word that combines hack and marathon, an event that intensively develops in a short time based on a certain theme. And, how it started from April 27TVnext Hack 2013A 17-year-old girl who developed Twivo which eliminates display of neta bare tweets from Twitter with Hackasson won the prize money of 2,500 dollars (about 260,000 yen) and decided to work as an intern at Twitter from this summer did.

How A 17-Year-Old Girl Won a Hackathon - And What It Means for Women in Tech |

Twivo is a video recorderTivoWith a name that combines twitter and twitter, it is possible to block tweets touching the program for a certain period by simply entering the name of the program in the application. Jennie Lamere who developed the application was 17 years old when he joined Hackasson and was the only female participant.According to one of the participants, The woman in the venue was Jennie's only organizer, two photographers, catering staff, three judges, and only the wife of a certain participant.

This isJennie LamereMr.

The field of technology attracting women's attention is an important issue that we face today. There are a lot of opinions about women working on programming, increasing remarks at technology conferences, and what to do to advance women's technology conferences successfully. The fact that Jennie beat the adult men told the fact that women are active in the technology field more than these opinions.

And on 17th May Jennie reported on Twitter that she will work as an intern at Twitter from summer.

Jennie's fatherEvolver.fmPaul Lamere who operates. Mr. Paul said that her daughter Jennie had not invited software development or compelled him, he always invited him to hike. Mr. Jennie himself was not interested in computers at all and liked music, but one day at the age of 15, it helps to buy tickets for concerts on the way of hikingSongkick's APISeveral ideas came to me when I heard stories from my father, which seems to be a turning point. I participated in five Hackasson in two years, and it won this victory.

Jennie says, "I do not think Hakkuson is ready for high school class alone, but I have been fortunate to learn a lot from my father, but at the same time,Stack OverflowI learned from the website. The high school class gives the foundation as a programmer and as we experience Hackasson, we are learning a new concept. I learned more programming through three Hackasson and high school classes I participated this year. " Two of the five Hackathons that I participated so far are only those related to the UI, and Jennie's point of learning that only one project is completed is to go one step at a time anyway is.

Change The Ratio"This is a wonderful story, it also proves that young girls are undeveloped resources in innovation," commented Rachel Sklar, founder of the company. He also said that it is wonderful not only in terms of technology and women, but also as technology itself. "Jennie's idea is perfectly universal and gender neutral.This is solving with the painful point of classic companies.She has an idea and executed it.The technology's Thanks to that, we will see the process she moves forward. "

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