Smartphone camera's image quality match, the best is iPhone 5 · Xperia Z · Galaxy S4 · HTC One · Lumia 925?

In a bright environment such as sunlight, you can shoot beautifully with any smartphone camera function, but the problem is when the shooting environment is severe, such as a dim condition. In such a case, the true value of the camera function will be tested, so we will know the ability to some extent. So, what will happen if you shoot with the camera function set to "auto" or "under dim condition" with 5 models of iPhone 5 · Xperia Z · Galaxy S4 · HTC One · Lumia 925? The result that is published.

So how good is the Lumia 925 camera? - Nokia Conversations: the official Nokia blog

For iPhone 5

In the case of Xperia Z

In case of Galaxy S4

In case of HTC One

And in the case of Lumia 925, why is overwhelming.

The reason why this is so, Lumia 925 is because the main camera is composed of six Carl Zeiss lens components and the sensor is amplified to PureView technology.

In the following movie the structure is touched.

Nokia Lumia 925 - More than your eyes can see - see YouTube

When decomposed it looks like this

Sensor part

Constructed of six lenses

Nokia has a reputation as to the treatment of Carl Zeiss lens, and it is demonstrating its capabilities to any extent in the field of smart phones.

By arranging them in descending order of pixel count as below, you can see that Lumia 925's PureView technology is quite substantial.

HTC One:4 millionPixel
IPhone 5:8 millionPixel
Lumia 925:8.7 millionPixel
Xperia Z:13.1 millionPixel
Galaxy S4:13.2 millionPixel

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