I found out what was blurred in Google Street View

Images that are seen in Street View on Google Maps have been taken with the Google Street view car, and nowAmazon's JungleYaEverest,The state of Awa OdoriAlthough it seems to be seen also, rarelyFunny things get reflectedSometimes. AustralianAdelaideOn the road running in the southeastern part, something that stares in the street view was blurred by Google.

The scene of the problem was taken,Dukes HighwayThe shoulder of.

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When I saw it in satellite mode, there is nothing near the road except the road where the problem scene was reflected.

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When you look at Google Street View, you can see that one car is stopped to the left front.

When approaching, there is a space that is being blurred in front of the car that is stopping, which is quite unnatural.

Looking from the side of the car, you can see that something white is in front of the car.

Actually, before wearing a blurring treatment, with this feeling, women and men in a crouching posture are shaking while waving their hands.

Looking at the zoom, apparently the couple seems to extend to sex acts. Despite shooting embarrassing behavior, a woman who waves at Google Street View Car is fun.

Not only women are waving their hands happily, but because the position of the male's waist is unnatural, the couple who seemed to find the Google Street view car got deeper and looked as if it were outdoors Although it seems to have directed you, in fact it seems that Google has been blurred as "inappropriate" even if it does not reach the thing.

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