Application that can see all the pictures of cats posted on Instagram by type of cat "Nyanstagram"

Now I just want to look at the pictures of the cats just .... When we say that the pictures of cats posted on Instagram are searched in order of iowo and the apps that you can enjoy watching photos of your favorite cats collectivelyNyanstagram"is.

Nyanstagram for iOS

First install the application.

When launching the installed application you will be asked if you want to login to Instagram. Even without logging in, there is no problem with the use of the application, but the number of photos that can be viewed by logging in will increase.

The application's home screen looks something like this. The type of cat is displayed in order of abc followed by ai eo order.

I will tap American short hair.

When returning to the home screen, please return with swipe.

There were 35 photos in American short hair. When you log in to Instagram, the number of photos displayed increases from 35 to all at once to 2115.

When you tap each picture, enlarged picture is displayed.

Tap the paw of ball right at the screen ... ...

You can also look up "American short hair" on Wikipedia or Google.

An example of a cat photo is from the following. This is Kuroneko (black cat)


Scottish fold.

Not classified, cat (cat) had various cat pictures, and there were some pictures other than cats for some reason.


By tapping the heart mark in the upper right corner of the screen, you can also register the type of cat in favorites.

Depending on the type, cats with no pictures also exist.

In addition, I created NyanstagramHiroshi AsakuraIs a dashboard aimed to support retrospective of goals and achievementsNyanstagram DashboardI also made and published the code.

Nyanstagram Dashboard has been released - QNYP Blog

Nyanstagram dashboard is a framework to create a stylish dashboardDashingIt displays the number of users, the number of accesses, the profit, and the ranking of popularity. The website isHerokuIt is said that it operates with.

How does the dashboard actually appear? You can check it from the following website.

Nyanstagram dashboard

The code of Nyanstagram dashboard is released on GitHub and it can be downloaded as a ZIP file.

Qnyp / nyanstagram-dashboard · GitHub

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