Adobe is developing a stylus "Mighty" of Bluetooth connection and a digital ruler "Napoleon"

Adobe has finished offering "Creative Suite" and shifts to "monthly charge" Creative Cloud "We announced to do "Adobe MAX 2013" in the conference, but at the same time it became clear that "Mighty" and "Napoleon" are progressing as a hardware development project.

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First of all, it is called with the codename "Mighty"stylus.

It is a cloud pen that can draw a natural line according to the writing pressure, and the part of the hand has become an ergonomic design with three surfaces twisted. Speaking of the creative activities of humankind, the style of doing it with paper and pen is immutable for thousands of years and recently the style of mouse and keyboard is becoming obvious, but in the future a combination of tablet and Mighty Adobe is confident that it is going to become more and more.

Next comes out "Napoleon" which plays a role of supplementing Mighty.

Napoleon is a digital ruler, you can easily draw a straight line with drawing tools, but apart from that it was made by saying that the feeling of "draw a straight line with a physical device" is important . The used image looks something like this.

Mighty has built-in rechargeable battery, it is connected with iPad etc. with Bluetooth, storage device is also built in, but detailed specs etc have not been revealed yet, Napoleon is developing together And that.

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