Began a fight fight battle at the wedding at the end of the catch by iPhone users and Android users

In the wedding ceremony, the attendants on the groom side are all iPhone users, while on the contrary the attendants on the bride side are all Android users, no matter how small trivial things happen, each other's anger explodes and develops a tremendous fighting battle doing.

Switch to the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone - Engadget's Readers Choice Smartphone of the Year - YouTube

During the wedding ceremony

Participants of the bride and groom separated from the left and right and are shooting with each other's smartphone

And Android users came out to shoot at a better angle

Because it is a bit disturbing, I feel complain from an iPhone user with feeling

Android users who start taking a licking attitude like "huh?" Apparently like Galaxy users, pylorin ♪ contact each other's terminals ♪

The iPhone user side also has a bad attitude

Android users who put fire to oil there further

Heat up each other gradually ... ...

In a shameful situation.

And finally ...

Bokkatsu Tekken Sanction


The Android user made a provocation to make the other party stupid so far than ever ......

It should have been sitting quietly until then ....

Develop into a big brawl

IPhone users and Android users insist on mutual advantage over the wedding ceremony, not to give up and to settle with fists.

During a big battle to wash blood with blood

Courtesy here to hit with the hand of one who has a smartphone

It seems that he is destroyed, apparently the smartphone's superiority is being converted to attack power as it is

, One camp that is frantical with such a fierce fight of users

Yes, the presence of solitary is a Windows Phone user

Windows Phone users who are neither iPhone nor Android are able to view this disturbance calmly in a third party viewpoint

It is peaceful because it is free from barren conflicts that do not produce anything

IPhone user's crazy explosion

"Do not fight"

"Change your model and let's change trains"

That's why this movie will be caught in an endless ugly struggle even if you make it an iPhone or Android, please make NOUMIA LUMIA 920 which adopted Windows Phone! That was exactly a terrible crafty trap that Microsoft aiming for the benefit of the fisherman set aside for sickness! What is that!

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