The real shop in Hagen Dazs of Japan last closed today, the long line stretches out of the store

A representative presence of ice cream "Haagen-Dazs". The direct shop, Haagen Dazs Shin Urayasu store will close on 25th April. It seems that there are many direct shops overseas, but in Japan the direct shop will be gone by closing this Shinranta store. As I heard this sad news, many people went to see because they seemed to purchase "I want to eat Haagen Dazs again at the end."

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When I came to Daiei Shoppers Plaza Shin - Urayasu with Haagen Dazs Shin - Urayasu store, there was a queue immediately. You can see the last tail of the people lined up trying to buy Haagen Dazs at the far end.

A red tape is affixed to the ground to indicate that the queue does not interfere with other entrances.

A postcard written as "Today's last day" with a silly tip, as soon as the sale is lost today, the end of sales

Matrix is ​​"VIE DE FRANCE"From before"SUBWAYIt will grow to the front.

We will enter Daiei.

There is a queue inside.

The queue continues even in the shop.

Finally I arrived at Haagen Dazs.

The following movie shows how many people are lining up.

Haagen Dazs Shin Urayasu store's long day made on the last day - YouTube

The interior of the shop seems to be in a state of danger.

The menu which can be eaten at the direct sales store is this street.

"Shiratama matcha Sunday" "Shiratama matcha dessert"

"Choco nut Crunch Sunday" "Choconut crunch dessert"

Corn single and double

Cup single and double

The clerk is making a ice ceremony with a customer with six people, but the end of the queue is not visible at all.

Usually it is regrettable if this queue is made at the time of business ... ... but I realized again the high brand power of Haagen Dazs that can collect such people for the reason of closing. In addition, sales of Hagen Dazs of cups that can be purchased at convenience stores and supermarkets will not be terminated and will be continued.

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