Research on affection hormones for PTSD treatment requested by US Department of Defense agency DARPA

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OxytocinHormone is a hormone secreted by touch and skin ship, it is known as a loving hormone that raises a feeling of trust,National Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)Has requested researchers to improve the measuring technology of oxytocin to serve national security.

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DARPA wants 'the love hormone' to treat PTSD, master propaganda | The Verge

Oxytocin has been known as a hormone that plays an important role in the mother's love after breeding and giving birth, but by further research in recent years, healing of wounds, countering stress, It tends to strengthen the connection tend to be found. According to DARPA, features of such hormones, including treatment of PTSD caused by international conflicts, will be related to national security movements.

ByXavier Mazellier

Oxytocin secreted by the human body is extremely small and it is very difficult to collect from blood. Also, oxytocin can not test hormones from relatively simple saliva and sweat. Therefore, in order to better understand oxytocin, we have reached this request to improve the measurement method of loving hormones secreted by the human body.

DARPA is particularly suitable for oxytocinPhysiological activityWe are looking for a way to clarify the form, authorities say, "With more delicate and clear analytical techniques, we will be able to see more precisely the state of the complex oxytocin."


Although it is certain that there is an image of optimistic affection for oxytocin, it tends to increase the tendency of ethnocentricism on the other handI also know that there is a negative side.


By the end of this program, DARPA discovered the measurement method of oxytocin through animal or human tests and wanted to issue data on oxytocin level in social interaction with stress. We are planning to apply technology in several fields, including how oxytocin helps to prevent PTSD.

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