Expectations for elucidation to expand by various studies approaching the mystery of autism


A sort of mental disorder that disturbs sociality and communication with othersautismMany of them are enigmatic, and the causes of onset and specific mechanisms have not been clarified. However, many studies on autism are underway in progress, and although it is gradually, we are making progress toward elucidation.

The idiosyncratic brain: distortion of spontaneous connectivity patterns in autism spectrum disorder: Nature Neuroscience: Nature Publishing Group

Although each area in the human brain has strength and strength, it is in a state where each area is connected. In IsraelWeizmann Institute of ScienceConducted research to examine the connection status between the regions of the brain. The institute discovered,Autistic spectrum disorder(ASD) adult brain, there are both "areas with increased functional connectivity" and "areas with reduced functional connectivity" compared to healthy subjects.

ByAllan Ajifo

In previous studies, two consequences of "ASD adult brain has increased functional connections" and "Functional connections are decreasing" have been reported, contradictions occurred, but Weizmann The scientific research institute has recognized both the existence of "the area where the connection increases" and "the area to decrease".

In addition, it is also found that adult brain with autism spectrum disorder has a unique connection pattern unlike healthy subjects. However, as this research was conducted for adults, how autistic brain "areas where connectivity increases" and "areas to decrease" developed from early childhood is obvious at the time of article writing It has not become.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2011 will mutate genes involved in synapses in the brainSuccessfully artificially created rats with autism. After that, research using rats with autism was conducted at each institution, and in January 2015, the affection hormone secreted by skin contact with a mouse of autismOxytocinGives the autistic mouse social behavior improvedresearch resultHas been reported.


further,Research at Yale University, When oxytocin was given to autistic patients 8 to 16 years old, the area responsible for social behavior responds even in the brain, the ability to read emotions with facial expressions improves, a certain advance in social behavior The result that it was seen has been reported.

Research by the National Institutes of HealthThere are also stories that patients who suffered from autism during childhood have the possibility of alleviating their symptoms and eventually completing it as they grow older, and gradually through many studies Although it is, elucidation of autism is being advanced.


In addition to this discoveryGoogle partnered with Autism Support Organization to build a huge databaseWe are also proceeding with a project to conduct genome analysis of 10,000 patients with autism spectrum and their families and to find mutations in genes related to autismComputational model using new computer analysisThere are also studies from the field different from medicine toward elucidation of autism, such as being made, and further clarification of autism which is enveloped in a mystery is expected.

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