Research shows that when pregnancy changes occur in women's brain and "power as mothers" becomes stronger

ByVladimir Pustovit

Although it is known that hormonal balance fluctuates greatly when pregnant and body changes, it is clear that the latest research shows that there is a change in the brain as well as that.

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This is a neuroscientist at the Leiden University in the NetherlandsElseline HoekzemaIt was clarified by a research team of Mr. and Barcelona Autonomous University.

The research team conducted brain scan twice for pregnancy and 3 weeks to several months after delivery for 25 females. At the same interval, we scanned 19 fathers whose wife was first birth, 17 males without children, and 20 females who had no experience of pregnancy, each analyzed and examined the change in gray-white mass.

As a result, only pregnant womengray matterAnd the volume of the hippocampus are decreasing. It is a tendency that consistency was seen regardless of the circumstances of pregnancy regardless of whether it is natural pregnancy or in vitro fertilization, and it was 100% predictable whether women are pregnant if MRI scan is done.

Among the 25 mothers who became pregnant for the second and later, MRI scan was done again two years later, the capacity of the hippocampus was recovered, but the capacity of the gray matter is It remained diminished.

Also, after showing the pictures of several children including their children to the mothers after giving birth, I confirmed the brain's function by MRI scan, and when I looked at my child's picture, the gray matter loss We also found that the brain region showed strong neural activity.

ByMila Gutorova

In this time, the area in which gray matter declines were observed is responsible for social recognition, but even with decreasing hippocampal volume, negative impacts such as decreased memory and cognitive decline have not been reported,Synapse pruningThe researchers are thinking that removing unnecessary synapses by means of the research team and improving the efficiency of the neural network.

This study is the first to show evidence of long-term changes in the brains of pregnant women. Further research is necessary, but it seems that women, both bodies and brains become "mothers" if they lay a child even once.

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